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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it require any software to be downloaded or is it completely online?

    The main goal behind is to provide a completely hassle free experience to our users. Hence we take all the burden at our end. There is NO NEED TO INSTALL ANY SOFTWARE on your laptop, PC, smartphone etc.. This is completely ONLINE.

  • How safe is this to use?

    The data is transferred using HTTPS via 256 bit encryption. All the files which you upload to our servers for different operations are automatically deleted within one hour. Security is our topmost priority.

  • Most other tools start charging after some usage. Is this the same or is it free for unlimited use?

    We have built this online tool with your convenience in mind. We don’t intend to charge anything from users. However we may run Ads to support this initiative.

  • How much time is required for various PDF operations?

    We understand the importance of time and that’s why we have tried to make this tool as fast as possible. We have measured the performance of all our tools with multi-megabytes file sizes and our tool does the operations on our servers in less than a second. However the upload or, download time for files may vary based on your internet speed.

  • Can you detail out the operating systems supported by PDFdoctor on desktop and PC? is a 100% online tool and works inside a web browser. So, it does not matter whether you are using Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android or, any other operating system. If your operating system supports any of the standard modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.. then you can use seamlessly.

  • Is supported on both Android and iOS?

    As mentioned above, we are a browser based online tool and support all the standard modern browsers in any mobile operating system like iOS (iPhone & iPAD) or, Android. So, to use this tool open your favourite modern browser and go to