6 interesting facts you never knew about PDFs

6 interesting facts you never knew about PDFs

author imageChandan Singh

Do you know PDF is the second most popular religion? Shocked? Well, PDF has taken over Christianity as the second most searched query with ‘How do I convert to PDF’. Earlier, the search query stood on fourth but as the PDF usage is increasing daily, people are interested in knowing more about it. 

*There are only five formats that can compete with PDF but are nowhere close to its universal approach. This includes HTML, OOXML, epub, image formats such as PNG, TIFF and JPG and non-electronic formats such as paper fiche or film. However, all of these things have their challenges. For instance, webpages are dynamic but have limited workflows. OOXML files are not fixed and belong to only MS Office family, images have poor feature-set while paper is not-electronic.

*PDF is one of those terms that have seen maximum growth in terms of searches since 2009. It beat Trump and Clinton in terms of searches. Apart from this, ‘Edit PDF’ is one of the most searched terms when it comes to actionable words.

*Interestingly, according to Google Trends data, ‘convert to PDF’ has more searches than ‘convert from PDF’. Moreover, the search trend has changed from ‘convert pdf to epub’ to  ‘convert epub to PDF’ in the last few years which showcase how universal appeal has changed for PDF file formats. 

*When academicians were asked what are the important features that they look for in an e-book, the findings were really interesting. For 90% of them, an e-book in PDF format is the most preferred thing. While this is obvious and doesn’t come as a surprise that PDF is more readable and user-friendly, its acceptability is more due to its technical features which allow a user to print on demand, convert text to speech, the ability for a student to highlight texts, etc. Not just academicians, Panama Papers data leak had over 2 million PDF files, third to emails and database format. 

*If you wonder, how many PDF files are there in the world, just imagine by April 2016, there were 2.2 billion PDF files in the public domain while 20 billion were in Dropbox. Moreover, Fortune 500 companies such as Airbus, Boeing, etc. have over 1 billion PDFs. Around 73 million new PDF files are saved every day on Google Drive and Gmail. In fact, 60% of the non-image attachments are PDFs in Outlook. 

*Over 98 per cent of PDF files are less than 20 years old but only 7 per cent files are only less than 1 year old. This means most of the PDF files we are accessible were created when we were just introduced to computers. 

If you know any interesting facts about PDF file format, do share it with us. 


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