Benefits of adding watermarks to your PDF

Benefits of adding watermarks to your PDF

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There can be many reasons for adding a watermark to PDF file but the two main reasons are Authenticity and Security.

Authenticity and Security

So whenever we share any PDF file with someone, it might be a possibility that someone will think is that information is correct, or is this file safe? but after adding our watermark to our PDF file, we can one extra authentication that this Information is correct but it is not that if there is a watermark in any file, then the information of that file will always be correct but it can also be a means of authenticity.

Should You Watermark Your Documents?

Content theft is one of the most widely unreported crimes in the world. There are minimal chances of proving it unless you have the actual evidences to show that the content matter belongs to you. The internet is not simpler anymore. Thousands of websites are being registered daily, millions of domains are bought and sold on monthly basis. In this mesh of information, how can you keep your research or information or your intellectual property safe? The onus is on you.

Putting your name on it-literally

What if, your every document/photograph is embossed with your digital signature or your name or your company’s logo? Won’t it be easier to circulate your content when the document is non-editable, text is un-selectable and the pages has your watermark? It will be trickier for others to copy your data and put it under their name. Watermarking is one of the techniques of making your document safe and making it evident that it belongs to you.

Tips for adding watermark

  • Choose watermark position smartly

Placing watermark is one of the trickiest things to do. Remember, an oddly placed watermark can distract the view. The perfect place to post a watermark on the image/document is in the center but not on a solid or smooth background as it could be easily removed. Avoid positioning watermarks on the sides, since it will be easier to crop or scale it. You can blend your watermark with the design element. Also, your watermark should be large enough so that it could not be removed without damaging the image quality. An ideal watermark covers 30 per cent of the image.


  • Always prefer semi-transparent watermark

Prefer semi-transparent watermarks for your images or documents as these are less obstructive. It can protect your photo/document and still remain relevant for your viewer.

  • Make your watermark informative

You can put your website address or social media handles as your watermark. This will also help you in your personal branding. This way whenever your document/image is shared somewhere, your potential client may find you through this information. However, don’t put the entire thing, your website URL or your social handles can be enough.

Many people have argued that watermarking is unwarranted, and It makes the document look unprofessional. However, if you put it smartly and aesthetically, watermarking can add credibility to the content published. You have to do it right and in the right way.

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