Can I Read PDF Files on My Kindle?

Can I Read PDF Files on My Kindle?

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Kindle device or app is one among the most popular eBook readers in the market. And there are people who depend solely on the same for reading. If you belong to this group, there is good news for you. Kindle comes with an in-built PDF viewer. It displays the document as text graphics in the format that resembles the original. Besides, Kindle features its own email ID. You just have to email it as an attachment to store it in your device.

How to read PDF files on my Kindle?
Kindle is a powerful portable device developed by Amazon, the giant in retail industry. It lets you read books from wherever you are, at your own time. All you need to do is to download the book into it. Kindle supports all popular file formats; Doc, JPEG, RTF, HTML, GIF, PNG, PDF and BMP to name a few. And the answer to the question; can I read PDF files online is simple. You can read it. You don’t even have to change the format. And your experience is going to be amazing. Just follow the guide given below.

Three PDF reader methods for Kindle
There are three ways you can read PDF files on your Kindle.

Using the drag and drop feature
This is the easiest way you can get your file into your Kindle. Connect the device to your computer with a USB cable. Done this, locate your file, drag and drop it into the device. Make sure that the file is in any of the supported formats mentioned above.

Email it to the Kindle Paperwhite
The process may take a few minutes. But the process is quite simple. If you do it, you won’t even need a USB cable to send your favorite book to your Kindle.

Log in to your Amazon account. In the right corner at the top, click “Manage your content and devices.” Choose settings and scroll down to the space where you see “personal document settings.” There, you will see your “send-to” email ID. It will appear something like Add the email to your approved personal document’s email list. Scroll down and add the new email ID. With this, you can just email your documents and view them whenever you want.

Send it via Send to Kindle app
It is the best way to go if you frequently use PDF. Download the free app from Amazon and install it on your computer. It is also available for Mac. Sign into the app with your Amazon credentials. Choose the document you want to send from the list available and right-click it; done.

You can even use the Send to Kindle browser extension available on Amazon for Google Chrome and Firefox. The extension lets you send your file to your Kindle through Whispersinc.

Overcoming challenges
As someone who reads PDF documents on your Kindle, you are sure to notice one thing. Viewing them on a small device is a tough job. But know that resolving the issue is as simple as using an online PDF reader. Type “free PDF reader” on any of the popular search engines. It will come up with hundreds of them. Pick one. Open the website, browse your file and upload. Choose .mobi or any other format Kindle supports. Give your email ID and click “convert.” You will receive the file in your chosen format. You can even download the same from our website.

PDF reader online download
If you use PDF every day, converting online may not be feasible. You may need a professional PDF viewer download. Consider the following things and choose one accordingly:
Evaluate your requirements: This is the first thing you should do when looking for a PDF file reader. If your business doesn’t deal with PDF every day, you may not need one. But PDF is the preferred format to store important documents. And you will need it sooner or later.
Choose the type of software you need: The advice may appear obvious. Almost all software may appear to offer the same features. But that is not the case. If you want to edit lots of PDF documents, you should choose the software that offers the functionality. If you have to handle confidential documents, you will need the one that provides it.
Price: Budget always has the final word when buying something. But don’t fall for the cheapest deal available. You don’t want to compromise customer confidence. Spend a bit and get excellent-quality software that features everything you need in your business.

If you only use PDF documents once in a while, you can happily go for a PDF reader free download. Free PDF readers are there in plenty. Browse a bit and choose one that will fulfill your requirements.

There arises no question as to whether one should have PDF documents or not. The format is here to stay for long. The only trouble is to locate the best free PDF reader or its paid version. Your choice here should depend on what you want to get from it.

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