Forgot PDF Password? Unlock it with PDFdoctor!

Forgot PDF Password? Unlock it with PDFdoctor!

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Are you trying to open a PDF file but forgot the password? Not to worry… PDFdoctor is here!! Though, PDF is the most common file format which is used worldwide and there are lots of tools and softwares available online and offline that can help to unsecure the PDF but PDFdoctor is the safest online way to remove PDF password and it will take you out from the unpleasant situation without any hassle.

Are you trying to open a Password Protective PDF file

Before unlocking a PDF file, it is advisable to understand the nature of the password applied to the file and then take steps to unlock the PDF online or offline with the help of any tool or online browsers.

What is a PDF file?

PDF or Portable Document Format is the most popular file format which is used to save the information and send over the internet through email and other mediums. It is way much better than any word document because when word document is opened in different computers or devices with different versions, there are high chances that the formatting of the text or content changes but when the information is saved in a PDF format then the information looks the same on all devices.

The formatting remains unchanged and the original formatting is preserved which makes the document look professional and compact. Another important reason for using a PDF file is that nearly all the latest browsers can open a PDF file on different devices.

Adobe Company introduced the PDF file format in the 1990s with different standard updates.

Earlier Adobe PDF file was protected with the help of a digital signature. Later with many standardized updates, password protection was introduced which included two types of password protection mentioned below and PDF more secured to use.

There are various reasons for securing a PDF by password but the most important reason is to control the access rights and choose who can do the changes in the PDF file.

What is PDF password protection?

PDF password is a basic feature which the Adobe has provided in the PDF maker to make the PDF content secured. Almost all PDFs can be secured with two types of passwords: one is made for the owner and the other is for the user. Not just this but there are lots of restrictions which can also be applied to the PDF like one can only view the content or editing can also be done. So, before trying to remove security from PDF or search for password remover, it is recommended to find out first that which type of password was used to encrypt the PDF file because then only a step could be taken to unlock the PDF.

What is PDF password protection

Two types of PDF password protection

There are only two types of passwords that are used to save the information inside the PDF and these can be applied to any PDF for securing its important information: 

  1. PDF User password
  2. PDF owner Password

What is a PDF user password?

A PDF user password is also known as PDF document open password and this is added at the time of the creation of PDF and after addition of user password only that person can open or view the document information who knows the password. So, only the authorized person can open the PDF with the help of the user password.

Generally, the user password is applied in the case when the information is of a confidential nature or meant only for one person.

What is PDF owner password?

The owner PDF password is called as PDF master password and when this password is added to PDF then the user can only open and view the information inside but restricted to use the content like editing, printing, copying, commenting or data extraction cannot be done. 

In simple terms, only PDF owner can make any kind of changes in the PDF whereas, others have the right to only view and read the content without any making modifications. This is the most secure way of encrypting a PDF to avoid any content misuse.

Most of the online tools and websites can easily decrypt the owner’s password but it is very hard to break the user password. PDFdoctor is one of the most secured websites which can unlock PDF password without taking much time as the user interface is really simple and it takes only few minutes to upload the PDF and remove password protection from PDF.

Pros and Cons of adding password to PDF files

Adding a password to PDF file has lots of pros or advantages over the cons or disadvantages. It could be very useful in controlling the access but could create a problem if you forget the PDF password. Let’s check out the various pros and cons of securing a PDF file.

Pros of PDF password

  • A password can be added very easily to any PDF at the time of saving the file. So, it is the simplest way of protecting the file data
  • A recipient who receives the PDF understands the process of unlocking it as it is very easy to open the PDF file on multiple devices
  • Two types of password protections make PDF more secure
  • Password made out of strong combination is hard to crack

Cons of PDF password

  • If you forget the password and do not how to remove password protection from PDF then it could cause some complication but thanks to the unlock PDF feature of PDFdoctor, it saves you from the trouble of accessing the PDF text or pages with the easy user interface.
  • Usually, passwords are shared along with the PDF or the chances of getting them stolen are high.
  • There is no way to find out how who has accessed the password if the PDF was opened offline.
  • Easy passwords can be cracked easily by anyone having the PDF file.


What if the PDF is secured with both passwords?

It is also possible that both types of passwords are applied to the PDF then in this case if you remember either of the passwords then also it can be opened but if you forgot both passwords then you can still access the PDFdoctor website online from Windows Desktop, Mac, Android or Apple smartphone, etc as it completely suits multiple platforms to unsecure PDF without much efforts.

What if the PDF document is still not opening?

If you think that the password is correct but the document is still not opening on your windows 10 desktop, then the problem is not with the password encryption but it is likely that the Acrobat reader version is too old or was not updated. There are very fewer chances that the operating system is not working properly, so check for other factors that might be causing the PDF not to open.

These are few factors because of which the PDF may not be opening

  1. Data in the PDF is infected with the virus
  2. Acrobat reader or operating system is outdated and needs upgradation
  3. Damaged files in the PDF
  4. PDF was not created the original Adobe programs

If the PDF is not opening due to any of the above reasons, it is always better to upgrade the windows or Adobe reader and if required the installed Adobe software. As it has nothing to do with the password protection, One can also check in the other devices if the PDF is opening fine. If not, you can always reach PDFdoctor where you will find free PDF unlocker.

How to unlock PDF?

There are two ways to unlock PDF or remove the password security from the PDF. The most common way of unsecuring a PDF is by opening it in Adobe Acrobat and use the unlock tool but here you will have to enter the owner password then only you can remove user password security. 

If you remember the owner password then Adobe Acrobat can be used to unlock the password-protected PDF. 

The other way to unlock PDF online is PDFdoctor which is easy to use and capable of removing the user password protection from PDF. 

It is not possible to unsecure PDF on Adobe Acrobat without the owner password and due to this limitation PDFdoctor is the best online option that saves you from the trouble to unlock secured PDF.

How to Unlock PDF

Why choose PDFdoctor to unlock secured PDF?

PDFdoctor is a professional web browser tool where the user based PDF password can be removed automatically. It works well on all devices and operating systems without the need for downloading or using any kind of extension. You can securely remove the PDF password online by using Android, Windows, or iOS and works well without any kind of glitch from PC, Laptop and smartphone.

Removing PDF password is very much easy here on PDFdoctor as the user interface of the website is very simple and any version of PDF file can be unlocked without special instructions.

If someone has forgotten PDF password, he can simply visit this website and after removal of the password can manage to edit the PDF file. This is one of the easiest ways to unsecure PDF directly uploading from Google drive, Microsoft one drive, dropbox and even desktop.

When you use the PDFdoctor password removal service then it is guaranteed that if you remember the owner password, then the user password will be removed in no time. After unlocking  the PDF, its content can be edited, copied or printed. Still, if you face any issue, you can visit the FAQs mentioned below on the page to get help.

All the content related restrictions can be removed with PDFdoctor. All you have to do is keep the PDF file ready, visit the website and upload the file, wait for some time and Voila….download the unsecured PDF file to access its content.

Below are reasons which make one of the best online browser-based tools unlock PDF

  • It is a browser-based tool so no software installation is required
  • To make the unlocking process convenient it is available in ten languages
  • Simplest user interface
  • PDF files can be accessed and synced from all types of devices that are capable of running standard versions of modern browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, safari, etc
  • Instantly unlock the PDF but it is also based on the speed of the internet
  • No fee is charged to unlock PDF or bulk PDF can also unlocked
  • Safe and secure to use because the data is transferred with 256-bit encryption and once the PDF is unlocked and downloaded the uploaded PDF automatically gets deleted within one hour
  • During the process of removing password, quality is never compromised and all the content remain safe

Simple and easy steps to unlock PDF with PDFdoctor

Step 1: Open browser in PC or Smartphone and type

Step1: Upload your PDF File

Step 2:Choose the Unlock PDF option available on the homepage screen of the website and click on the icon.

Choose the Unlock PDF option

Step 3: After clicking upload the secured PDF file (Google Drive, Microsoft onedrive or dropbox) or drag and drop from the desktop.

Upload the secured PDF file

Step 4: When the file is uploaded it will ask for the password which needs to be added twice and then click in the Unlock button.

Add PDF file Password

Step 5: Once the password is successfully entered the online system will unlock the PDF.

File is Ready to Download

Step 6: Click on the download button to get the unsecured PDF.

Step 7: The unlocked PDF file can be directly saved to the device or PC or it can also be emailed, synced with Google Drive, Microsoft one drive, and dropbox with link creation.

Step 8: If you still face any issue regarding the unlocking then you can also read the FAQ mentioned below on the page. 

FAQ About Unlock PDF

Here is a video to show how you can unlock pdf in just three simple steps

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