How Do You Rotate a Scanned PDF for Free?

How Do You Rotate a Scanned PDF for Free?

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Rotate a Scanned PDF for Free

Have  you mistakenly scanned documents upside down or sideways? 

Don’t worry!  You won’t  have to scan them again as you can easily flip pdf pages by using PDFdoctor.

There are two ways by which one can rotate a pdf file or individual pdf page: one is by using Adobe Acrobat and the second is by using any other software or tool.

Any of the two methods can be used to rotate pdf files but it is often found that when Adobe is used to rotate a pdf document, the changes are temporary. In most of the cases,  when the document is opened again it still shows the old orientation.

The problem is not solved by using Adobe and it becomes very inconvenient for the viewer to read the information if the document is not having correct orientation. 

So, if you want to permanently rotate a pdf file, you can use PDFdoctor. It is a web browser-based tool that can permanently rotate pdf documents, very quickly.

PDFdoctor is one of the best online tools to rotate pdf, free. It can be used on any of the  devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other device, which have the latest browsers installed.

It is a web browser-based tool with a simple user interface that helps the user to rotate pdf files without any hassles.

The PDF file format is the one best way to save information like digital images, vector files, text, videos in a rich format. A PDF document can be opened on multiple devices and platforms with different screen sizes and operating systems.

It keeps the original text layout, format with the quality and shows the same information in all devices and platforms without any change.

If you want to avoid going through the same routine of rotating pdf pages whenever it is opened, It is recommended that a pdf document or file should be permanently saved with correct orientation and this can be easily done by using PDFdoctor.

With PDFdoctor it is very easy to rotate pdf pages or the entire pdf file and it allows the user to select the individual pages and rotate them in any direction or the entire pdf file.

Choose PDFdoctor to Rotate PDF

Why choose PDFdoctor to rotate pdf?

PDFdoctor is one of the best online tools that can permanently rotate the pdf file for free.

PDFdoctor does not require any software installation or addition of an extension. It can be used on almost all the devices or operating systems that can run the latest browser.

  • It allows the user to set the alignment in the uploaded pdf and make permanent changes (rotation).
  • With PDFdoctor not just the entire pdf file can be rotated but individual pages can also be rotated
  • PDFdoctor ensures quality and formatting of the pdf document is preserved after the rotation process is complete
  • User can rotate the uploaded pdf pages in any direction by moving left to right
  • One can also simply rotate a pdf page or pdf file up to 360 degrees in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction in multiple of 90 degrees
  • There is no need to add any extension or install any app to rotate pdf document with PDFdoctor
  • It does not ask the user to sign up or provide personal information to use rotate pdf
  • It is completely free to use and there are no limits applied on rotating pdf documents
  • One can quickly rotate pdf and save by using any of these cloud services Google Drive, Microsoft one drive and Dropbox
  • PDFdoctor is completely safe to rotate pdf because it uses the most secure encryption method where the uploaded pdf is transferred to the servers.
  • It automatically deletes the uploaded pdf documents within one hour after you save rotated pdf
  • PDFdoctor is universally accessible because it allows the user to upload pdf by using multiple devices and operating systems like Android, Mac, Apple iPhone, Mint, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.
  • To use PDFdoctor one must have a working internet connection on the device with any of the latest browsers installed like Safari, Google chrome, Opera, Internet explorer, Mozilla firefox, etc.
  • The final rotated pdf file can be directly synced with cloud services or shared on WhatsApp, email, etc.
  • Dedicated FAQs are available at the bottom of all pages to ensure that the user does not face any problems

How Do You Rotate a Scanned PDF for Free with PDFdoctor?

To rotate a scanned pdf for free with PDFdoctor a user only requires an internet connection and a device to open the website online and upload the file.

The simple steps to permanently rotate pdf pages are mentioned below:

Step 1: Keep the pdf document ready on your device which needs to be rotated

Step 2: Open PDFdoctor and click on “rotate pdf” icon

Open PDFdoctor in a Browser

Step 3: A new page will open where the pdf file needs to be uploaded click on “upload pdf file” icon to upload the file

Upload PDF file for Rotate

Step 4: After uploading the pdf file one can rotate the document in clockwise or anticlockwise direction by using “rotate all left” and “rotate all right” buttons

Chose direction to Rotate PDF File


Step 5: Once the file is rotated click on “rotating pdf” icon to complete the process

Step 6: Congratulations! this the last step where the rotated file can be downloaded by clicking on the “download pdf” button

Rotated file is Ready to Download

The new pdf file can also be shared through WhatsApp, link, email, and cloud sync.

Still, if you have any queries or facing any issues regarding the process of rotating a pdf file then we are available round the clock to solve all your queries.

You can reach us at we would be happy to assist you.

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