How to add page numbers to PDF

How to add page numbers to PDF

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PDF format is one of the most versatile file formats used not just for sharing work documents but project files and research reports as well. One thing that makes these reports and files look formal and professional is when you format them properly, make them print-ready and most importantly, add margins and page number.

Adding the right margins to PDF

Have you ever thought why margins are so important? Actually, white space is one of the major design elements of the page that makes it look pleasing and attractive. If you are given just a text heavy document with no spacing, margins or visual element, will you be interested in reading it? Probably not. 

Adding margin in the Microsoft Word software can be a tricky task. You have to know the exact margin length to make your document look proper and then you have to convert it to PDF again. With Add Page Number tool, you just have to upload your PDF file, select the margin where you have three options- Small, Big and the one recommended by us. If you aren’t too sure about the type of margin you want to select for writing the page number, trust us and choose the third option. 

Select position for placing numbers

Apart from margin, you also have to choose the position where you want to place your Page Number. As soon as you will upload your PDF file, the preview window will display your PDF pages thumbnail and below that you will see a nine-grid interactive tool for selecting the exact position where you want to place the page number. The red dot on the thumbnails will move correspondingly to the box selected by you from the grid. 

Adding page numbers

Now, once you have decided on the margin and the position, decide from which page you want to insert the page number. In the first box, you have to decide the starting page number (it can be 1, 2, 3…), in the second and third boxes, choose which pages you want to number. For instance, if you don’t want to number the Acknowledgement section or the Index section, you can select page number 3 in the second box. The third box will list the last page number, by default.

Adding text customization 

If you want to add text along with page numbers, you can select the type of text from the drop-down menu. For instance, if you want the page numbers to display like ‘Page 1, Page 2, Page 3’, you have to choose Page {n} and if you want it to show like ‘Page 1 of 100, Page 2 of 100…and so on’, you have to select Page {n} of {p} where {n} stands for page number while {p} stands for total pages that have been numbered. 

Now that you have understood the entire process of adding customization to your PDF file, here is the step-by-step process to insert page numbers to your PDF.

How to Add Page Number To PDF tool

  1. Visit Add Page Number to PDF tool. 
  2. Upload or drag your file in the space provided. You can use your device storage or cloud storage to sync your file. We have integrated Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox for your ease. 
  3. A preview window will show the thumbnail of your PDF file. Here you can choose margin style, font of your added page numbers and how you want to add it. (From Page 1 or From Page n) 
  4. Finalise your selection and click ‘Add’. 5. Your file will be ready for download in moments. You can directly save your file to your cloud storage. You can share the download link with your friends or email them directly from our download page.


Why should you add PDF page number?

 When you are creating or writing reports that run into pages, you may want to create a ‘Contents’ page for the ease of your reader or reviewer. This section works as an index file for your reader. He/she won’t have to go through every page to find a particular section. He/she can directly jump to the page number, which will save their time and will make your report look professional.


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