How to add watermark to your PDF?

How to add watermark to your PDF?

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Today is the time when accessing information is the easiest thing possible. Every minute, millions of documents are uploaded and downloaded which are not attributed to anyone. If you are posting or sharing your data online, chances are high that somebody else will copy it to post it somewhere else without giving you credits. So, how you can prevent your documents from being misused or shared online without credits? Here is the sure way-

Adding watermark to your PDF

With, you can add a watermark to your PDF documents for free. It is easy, simple and convenient. You can customize the type of watermark impression you want on your document in one simple click. There are many benefits of adding a watermark to your document. One of these is protection. You can watermark all the documents that you upload online to prevent content theft. Also, it looks professional to have your ownership showcased through your documents which are available online for the public. 

How to add watermark to your PDF-

*Select Add watermark to PDF from homepage. 

*Upload your document from your device or cloud storage. tool is integrated with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. 

*As the file gets uploaded, your file will appear in thumbnail where you can preview your file after making changes. Here you can choose between two options- Add Text and Add Image.

Add text as a watermark

*The first step is to ‘Add Text’. Here you can add what you want to appear in the watermark.

*Confirm the position where your watermark will appear. You can choose the exact location from the grid. You can also choose a mosaic if you want it to appear in a pattern. 

*Select the transparency level, rotation, page numbers where you want it to appear and layering. It can be over the document, below the document, can be rotated slightly as well as completely. 

*Once finalized, you can click ‘Add Watermark’

*Your file will be ready for download in moments.

Add Image as a watermark

*If you want to add an image as a watermark, you can upload it.

*Select the position, transparency level, rotation angle, number of pages where you want to add the watermark and layer where you want to add it- over the content or below the content. 

*Click ‘Add Watermark’  and wait for a moment before it is ready for download.

Now, you can save or sync your file to your device or cloud storage. You can also share the download link with your friends or email them the link. This will save your time and efficiency if you want to share your watermarked document to your peers or friends. 


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