How to Convert Excel to PDF Online?

How to Convert Excel to PDF Online?

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PDF is the easiest and the safest way to store and handle documents available at present. Quite naturally, businesses prefer to store customer information and other data in this format. When you convert excel to PDF, you make sure that your customers across the globe are able to see it in its original format. You are able to password-protect your file for utmost security. Besides, it is small in size and does not drain the storage space in your device. PDF documents maintain the original formatting. This implies that anyone who shares the file will see it in the format you want them to view. Integrating visual elements into a PDF file is a breeze. This may not be the case with any other file format. Finally, it is the preferred format for legal documents.

You can use three methods for the purpose:
Manual Excel file convert to PDF
Using a software
With the help of an online platform

Manually convert a file from Excel to PDF
If the file you want to convert is small in size, you can convert it manually. There are two ways you can do it.
Using Excel in Windows: Choose the file you want to convert. In the “file tab”, choose “export.” Choose the PDF-XPS format. Give a name and save it.
Through Excel 2011, Mac: Choose the file you want to convert. Click the “file” menu and click “save as” select the location you want to store the file and save it there. Afterward, choose the “format” menu and save the Excel as PDF file. Doing this creates a PDF copy of the Excel file.

Using a software
You can also use software to convert Excel to PDF. Almost all of them are designed with ease of operation in mind. Download the software and install it on your device. When required, upload your Excel file, open the application and choose “save the MSExcel as PDF”.

There are free and paid applications available for the process. Whatever is your choice, check to see that it has the following features:
Ease of use: You should not have any difficulty to convert your file.
It should work across all platforms. PDF is a format you can view anywhere, on your PC-mobile-tablets. Thus the software you choose should work on all popular platforms.
The software should not consume time: Your favorite software should do its job fast and easy. The best way out is to test the app before buying it or downloading onto your PC.

Through online tools/platforms
Excel to PDF converter online tools are there in plenty. And converting your Excel file is quite simple. Upload the Excel file, wait for the conversion and download upon completion. However, this simplicity may appear deceptive in certain platforms. Check for the features given below in the Excel to PDF online converter you choose:
Security: The website should not store your file on its server. Online platforms in general don’t store the files they convert for more than one hour. But make sure that the tool you choose has such a mechanism in place.
Interoperability: It should work fine with all platforms on all operating systems.
Cloud storage: Check to see if your website lets you convert your Excel file on its cloud server. Doing this makes sure that the tool doesn’t consume storage space on your computer.
One-click conversion: Your favorite online tool should convert your file within the shortest possible time.
Modifiable: The website should offer you a preview of the file in question and the ability to modify the file. And it should let you make the required changes before finishing the process.

PDF Doctor
Are you on the lookout for a secure Excel to PDF converter online? If yes, PDF Doctor is the one for you. It converts your file within no time and offers excellence of quality in the converted file. Upon downloading, your file gets automatically deleted from our server.

Online platforms vs desktop software
Online platforms are handy and do their jobs fast and easy. However, not all websites are the same. Certain tools may require you to provide your email. And it may take hours for you to receive the converted file. Just make sure that you are doing your due diligence before making that final choice.

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