How to convert JPG to PDF?

How to convert JPG to PDF?

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Are you trying to find out the best jpg to pdf converter online that can quickly convert jpg to pdf? There are lots of online and offline tools that are often free to use but are complex to work with!

How to convert JPG to PDF

Often, it is found that most of the online tools either show lots of ads or require downloading software programs. PDFdoctor on the other hand is free from any of these and is designed for an optimal user experience. Any jpg can be converted safely and smoothly to pdf using PDFdoctor.

This is a web browser-based online tool that allows the user to quickly convert jpg to pdf with a simplified user platform that is FREE to use.

With PDFdoctor, the only requirement is a device with an internet connection and latest browsers installed to upload JPG images and download the newly converted pdf file.

What is a JPG image?

JPEG is often used as JPG which is just an extension of the same. It is one of the most popular image formats with “lossy compression” for storing digital images.

It is also called Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) that was also responsible for setting the standard digital image format in 1992.

This image format was developed for digital cameras, internet browsers and operating systems.

The ideal compression ratio for a JPG image is 10:1. JPG images can also be compressed more but it will alter the image quality and storage size.

Initially, JPG images were developed for digital cameras and other image capturing devices but later it became more popular and finally reached web browsers and social media platforms.

There are two types of JPG image formats that are widely used on different platforms.

People Mostly Used Two Types of JPG Image Formats

  1. JPG/Exif

The JPG/EXIF is called an exchangeable image file format that is mostly used in digital cameras and other devices that are capable of capturing photos from devices like smartphones and scanners. This standard format uses tags like location, etc. to store information about the image.


This is also a standard digital image format that is commonly used to transfer images on the World Wide Web.

Which software and programs can open jpg?

Jpg is a popular image format that is supported by almost all the latest programs and softwares.

Below is the list of software programs and tools that can easily open jpg images using multiple platforms.

Jpg images can be opened with the help of following tools

  • Adobe photoshop
  • Any photo viewer
  • Microsoft Windows photo viewer
  • Microsoft file viewer plus
  • Microsoft photos
  • Microsoft one drive
  • Microsoft paint
  • CorelDRAW graphics suite
  • Latest web browser
  • ACD systems

Mac users can use below tools to open jpg images

  • MacPhun color strokes
  • Apple preview
  • Adobe photoshop
  • Apple photos
  • ACD systems
  • Any picture viewer
  • Any of the latest web browsers

Linux users can open jpg images by using software programs

  • Shotwell
  • GIMP
  • Any installed web browser

Web users can open jpg image with the following programs

  • Google drive
  • Apple photos
  • Microsoft one drive

iOS can use these softwares to open jpg image

  • Pixelmator 2
  • Google drive
  • Adobe photoshop express
  • Microsoft one drive

Android device users are able to open jpg image with the below programs

  • Apowersoft phone manager
  • Google drive
  • File viewer for android
  • Microsoft one drive
  • Adobe Photoshop express

What is PDF?

PDF or portable document format was developed in the 1990s by Adobe to store images and text formatting with quality and which can be shared electronically. Pdf is one of the best formats to store digital information.

Why convert JPG to PDF?

  • PDF document file takes less space to store rich information which can be shared electronically
  • One can combine jpg to pdf without losing the quality
  • User can secure jpg images by converting them to a password protected pdf files

Why use PDFdoctor

Why use PDFdoctor?

PDFdoctor is a free web browser-based tool that can be used on multiple devices that have the latest browsers like Google chrome, Safari, Internet explorer.

Here are a few benefits of using PDFdoctor:

  • A simple user interface where user can quickly convert jpg images to a pdf file
  • No need to install any software or app to merge jpg to pdf
  • User can directly upload and combine jpg to pdf by using device storage, dropbox, Microsoft one drive, and Google drive
  • It is a free tool which allows the user to convert jpg to pdf online
  • With PDFdoctor multiple jpg files can be converted in bulk without losing the quality
  • The converted pdf file can also be compressed and shared electronically
  • It does not ask to create a login or provide information for converting jpg to pdf
  • Uploaded jpg images get deleted within one hour of uploading which makes it safe to use
  • This online tool can be used on multiple devices and platforms including Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, etc. which can run the latest browsers.
  • To provide the best user experience it is available in multiple languages
  • Dedicated FAQs section available to clear any doubts regarding conversion

Simple steps for converting jpg to pdf at PDFdoctor

Step 1: Open in any browser on Windows/Mac, Android or iPhone.

Open in any Browser

Step 2: Click on jpg to pdf option and select all the jpg images you want to be converted to pdf from device storage or dropbox, Google drive or Microsoft one drive.

Click on jpg to pdf

Step 3: Upload the jpg images then click on convert images to pdf button and wait for sometime

Upload the jpg images

Step 4: Once the conversion is completed click on the download button to get the converted pdf file.

Your Converted is ready to Download

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