How to Convert PPT to PDF with Hyperlinks Intact?

How to Convert PPT to PDF with Hyperlinks Intact?

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PPT is a popular document format that is used worldwide by professionals, students, teachers and other professionals to share information electronically. But, pdf is a universal format that does not require any special program, operating system or device to open it.

Convert PPT to PDF with Hyperlinks Intact

It is always a good idea to convert ppt to pdf if you want to make it globally accessible for other users with text layout and formatting intact. Pdf can keep digital information in a high definition like digital images, videos, graphs, text, hyperlinks.

If you like to share a ppt file with others but also want them to only read its information then it is always better to convert ppt to pdf format. Also, it can be encrypted with digital signature or password protection.

However, there are lots of software programs, online tools and apps that can do the conversion but it is usually observed that after the ppt is converted to pdf, hyperlinks which were there in the original ppt are lost in the converted pdf file.

So, if you want to convert PPT to pdf with hyperlink intact? Then PDFdoctor is the right online tool for you as it can help you to convert ppt to pdf instantly.

PDFdoctor is one of the best web browser-based ppt to pdf converters available online which can convert any number of ppt to pdf instantly. One can see that it has the simplest user interface which allows the user to easily convert ppt to pdf online in just a few simple steps.

To make the conversion process easier, it does not even ask the user to create a login or provide any kind of personal information.

All you have to do is keep the ppt file ready on your laptop, computer, and mobile cloud storage for directly uploading on PDFdoctor.

While using PDFdoctor one can easily convert any number of ppt to pdf without any limitations for FREE!

Why use PDFdoctor for converting ppt to pdf?

PDFdoctor is an online ppt to pdf converter that is free to use and anyone can convert many ppt files to pdf documents without any limitations. It exactly copies the ppt content to pdf by retaining hyperlinks, layout and formatting.

Why use PDFdoctor for converting ppt to pdf

  • The simplest user interface helps the user to easily convert ppt to pdf online
  • Instantly converts ppt to pdf file as it takes only a few moments to do the conversion
  • It smartly preserves hyperlinks, Layout and text formatting in the converted pdf file
  • A user can convert any number of ppt to pdf as it is free for unlimited conversions
  • Easy and quick conversion is done by using cloud-based services so, there is no need to download any app, extension or software program for ppt to pdf conversion on
  • To make the ppt to pdf process easier it does not ask the user to provide any personal information or create a log in
  • It ensures data security of uploaded ppt by using a 256-bit encryption method to transfer data on servers.
  • The uploaded ppt file on PDFdoctor gets automatically deleted within one hour which makes it one of the safest online ppt to pdf converter
  • A user can upload ppt file on PDFdoctor by directly using the device storage or by using any of these cloud-based services Google Drive, Microsoft one drive and Dropbox
  • It is a browser-based tool that supports almost all types of devices and operating platforms like Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, iOS and Apple Mac.
  • To convert ppt to pdf online with PDFdoctor a user only requires an internet connection with a compatible device that has modern browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Converting ppt to pdf on PDFdoctor not only makes it compact but also reduce the file size for easy sharing
  • Quality of the data is not compromised when PDFdoctor is used
  • Users can share the converted pdf file by using email, WhatsApp, cloud services, etc.
  • Detailed FAQs are available at the bottom of the service page
  • It also supports bulk conversion of ppt to pdf online

How does PDFdoctor convert ppt to pdf?

PDFdoctor instantly converts ppt to pdf online as it is a web-based browser which does not require to download any software or tool. All ppts are converted to pdf by using cloud-based services in some easy steps.

Easy steps for converting ppt to pdf using PDFdoctor

Step 1: Keep the document ready in the device or in cloud service then open any browser and type

Open in any browser

Step 2: Click on “powerpoint to pdf” button which will open a new page to upload the powerpoint presentation

Step 3: After opening the new page click on the “upload powerpoint file” button to upload your ppt file from your mobile or laptop or by directly syncing using any of these cloud-based services

upload PowerPoint file

Step 4: Once the ppt file is successfully uploaded, wait for a few moments to get it converted

PowerPoint will convert in few seconds

Step 5: Congrats! Your converted pdf file is ready to for download

COnverted PDF file is ready to download

The converted pdf file can be directly downloaded in the device storage or synced on cloud services. PDFdoctor also creates a link of the converted pdf file so that it can also be shared by using email, WhatsApp.

If you face any trouble in converting ppt to pdf on PDFdoctor, Then you can always contact us anytime. We are available round the clock to answer all your queries. We can be reached at

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