How to convert tiff to pdf?

How to convert tiff to pdf?

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There are lots of devices and equipment like scanners, digital copier and fax machines that copy the document content and tiff image files.

Tiff is a popular graphic image format to make an exact copy of the data but is not one of the best formats. Here, pdf is a much better option as compared to the tiff file.

The pdf file format has more benefits over a tiff format as a pdf file, if you have an internet connection and a modern device then it is very easy to convert any tiff to pdf by using PDFdoctor.

Tiff images are larger in size as compared to other image formats like png or jpg. So, if you want to share tiff images electronically then it is always a good idea to convert them to pdf format.

Converting tiff images to pdf online makes them easy to view and share without losing quality.

Pdf can be called an ideal document format for sharing information because it retains the original formatting, layout, easy to view, compact, secured and view the same across all devices and platforms.

It can be opened on multiple platforms and the information will look just the same!

What are the benefits of converting tiff to PDF?

Benefits of converting tiff to PDF

A pdf file can be compressed which means that you can save more data in a small file. It allows the user to quickly upload it and share it with anyone.

Pdf document can be secured with a password or digital signature. So, if your tiff file contains any important or confidential information it is always better to convert it in a pdf format.

To open a tiff file a user would require a tiff reader whereas to open a pdf document there is no need for special software or program.

A pdf format is a universal format that only requires a modern device to view its content.

A pdf document keeps the Metadata like creation date, comments, notes and author, etc. But this is not possible in the tiff file which converts this information in tags.

Why convert tiff to pdf with PDFdoctor?

Convert tiff to pdf with PDFdoctor

PDFdoctor is one of the simplest and easiest online tools to convert a tiff image to pdf. It is a free web-based tool that is capable of converting bulk tiff images to pdf without charging money.

All it requires is any modern device like mobile, pc, tablet or any other device which has the latest browsers in it.

Most of the online and offline converter tools ask you to either download a software program or extension which is not required when you use PDFdoctor.

PDFdoctor uses cloud-based service to change tiff image to pdf so it is completely safe to upload important files without worrying about content security.

Advantages of using PDFdoctor

  • PDFdoctor is a web browser-based tool that does not require any software program or app to convert tiff to pdf file
  • It is completely free to use and takes care of data security as it uses cloud-based services for tiff to pdf conversion
  • The uploaded file gets automatically deleted within one hour which makes it more secured online converter
  • There is no need for a user to provide any personal information or create a login to convert tiff image
  • With PDFdoctor it is very easy to do online bulk conversions
  • There are in limits on doing the conversions, user can convert any numbers of tiff files to pdf
  • To make the whole process of conversion secure it also uses SSL encryption
  • PDFdoctor has the simplest user interface which makes it easier for anyone to use tiff to pdf conversion service
  • The best part of using PDFdoctor is that it allows the user to directly upload the file from multiple operating systems and devices like Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Linux, Ubuntu, and iOS, etc.
  • To convert tiff to pdf document it requires a compatible device with the latest browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. installed in them.
  • PDFdoctor ensures that the colors and multiple layer data quality is preserved
  • Users can use drag and drop feature to upload files from device storage or by using any of these cloud-based services Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft one drive.
  • Dedicated FAQ’s which provide detailed resolution for he questions regarding conversion process

How to convert tiff to pdf using PDFdoctor?

It is very simple and easy to convert tiff images to pdf files by using PDFdoctor. It only requires a compatible device with a working internet connection and the latest browser to upload and convert online.

Follow the below steps for converting tiff graphic image to pdf file

Step 1: Open in the browser of your laptop, pc, mobile or tablet

Open in the browser

Step 2: Select the service “tiff to pdf” by clicking on the icon

Step 3: On this page, you will a button saying “upload tiff file

Upload tiff file

Step 4: Select the tiff file from the device storage or by using cloud services

Upload tiff file

Step 5: After the file is uploaded, wait for a few moments

File will be ready to download within in Seconds

Step 6: On the next page click on the download button to save the converted pdf file

If you still face any trouble while converting the tiff file to pdf, then you can always contact us.

We are available to solve your queries at

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