How to convert xps file to pdf format safely?

How to convert xps file to pdf format safely?

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An XPS file is an XML type format developed by Microsoft in 2006. It is very much similar to pdf file format but it cannot be opened in all operating systems like a pdf file, which is a universal document format.

XPS file can easily be shared between Windows operating systems but to open it on Apple Mac or iPhone it requires software.

So, if you want that XPS file information to be opened in almost all types of modern devices and platforms then it is always better to convert it to pdf format.

Convert xps file to PDF

There is a wide range of online and offline software programs and tools that can convert xps to pdf. It is very important to choose the right tool which is safe to use and does not steal the file information.

It is usually seen that most of these tools are not safe to use because either these will try to insert viruses or malware in the device or save your confidential information from the uploaded xps file.

Now, if you are looking for a safe and secured online tool that can quickly change XPS file into a pdf format then we recommend you to use PDFdoctor which is the completely safe and simplest tool available on the Internet.

PDFdoctor is a web browser-based tool that uses cloud-based services to convert XPS files to pdf format and SSL encryption to ensure that the uploaded data securely gets converted.

However, PDFdoctor also allows the user to convert several xps files without any limitations and charges. With this tool, a user can also do bulk conversion which saves time and energy.

Why convert xps to pdf?

Why convert xps to PDF Format

If you are still thinking that when xps is similar to pdf then why convert xps to pdf? Then here are some reasons for doing the conversion

Pdf is a popular document format that does not require any special program or device to access its information. It is a universal format that can be opened in multiple operating systems.

Xps files can only be opened and shared between Windows operating systems whereas, a user can open pdf files on Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux, browser, etc.

Xps files are shared after converting to pdf format and PDFdoctor is the simplest tool to convert and share

Pdf is regularly updated which makes it more secure and easily stores different types of data.

Why Use PDFdoctor to change xps to pdf?

PDFdoctor is a web browser-based free online converter that can do bulk conversions in minutes. It has the simplest user interface that makes it very easy for any user to instantly do the conversion job without facing any trouble.

It ensures the safety of the uploaded data by automatically deleting it in some time. Not just this a user does not require any special tool or extension for changing xps to pdf here.

The other benefits of using

  • It is one of the best online xps to pdf converter which has a simple user interface and supports ten languages
  • To make the conversion process easier it does not ask the user to provide personal information or create a login
  • The biggest benefit of using PDFdoctor is that it is completely free to use
  • It preserves the quality, formatting and layout of the original content.
  • There are no limitations on using PDFdoctor conversion services, any user can convert as many files as he wanted
  • It is completely safe to use PDFdoctor online because it uses a cloud service that automatically deletes the uploaded file within one hour. For enhanced security, it also uses SSL encryption
  • It only requires a modern device and operating system to convert xps files including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and iOS, Apple Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet, etc.
  • A user can open PDFdoctor by using Android or iPhone with the latest installed browsers like 
  • Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • One can upload xps files directly from the device storage or using cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft one drive.
  • This online tool takes only a few moments to do the conversion and that is why it is one of the fastest online tools
  • Dedicated FAQs have been provided at the bottom of the pages

How to change xps to pdf by using

With PDFdoctor a user can change the xps file format by using a mobile, computer or any other modern device.

Below are the simple steps to change xps to pdf file format

Step 1: Open browser and type PDFdoctor then, click on the “xps to pdf” icon

Open browser and type

Step 2: After clicking on the service a new page will open where you will see the upload button

Upload xps file

Step 3: Now, drag and drop the file from the device storage or upload by using cloud services

Step 4: After you have uploaded the file, wait for a few moments

Your PDF file will be ready to download

Step 5: Then on the on the next page download button will appear, click on it to get the file

Download Converted PDF file

If you still have any questions or facing any problems then you can reach us anytime at

We would be happy to solve your queries!

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