How to encrypt a PDF file?

How to encrypt a PDF file?

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PDF is one of the most popular file formats used for storing and sending important information over the internet. It can be created by using Adobe Acrobat to store rich information like digital images, text, videos, hyperlinks, etc.

Encrypt PDF Files

In case of sharing confidential information, it is always better to encrypt pdf files because by doing so only the authorized would be able to open it.

If you are tired of finding out the best way to password protect pdf file? Then, you have just landed at the right place!

PDFdoctor is a web browser-based tool that can add a password to pdf quickly from multiple devices and operating systems for FREE!!

With PDFdoctor, it is very easy to encrypt any pdf file by adding a password. All you need is internet connectivity on a smartphone or a computer with any latest browser: Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

The simple user interface of the website makes it very easy for the user to add security to the pdf file, which can be uploaded by using various cloud-based services.

What is PDF encryption?

What is PDF encryption

Encrypting a pdf file means making it secure by adding password protection so that any unauthorized person cannot open or edit the protected file.

There are two basically two types of passwords that can be applied to a pdf file:

Owner password

Encrypting a pdf with the owner password means only that person who has the password can edit, extract, copy, share, download or modify the content of the document.

User password

Applying user password to a pdf file prevents the user from opening the document which means that its content can neither be viewed nor can be edited. 

Why password protect PDF?

Why password protect PDF

Passwords have been used for a long time and MIT was the first computer system that was introduced in 1961 that used the first password login.

The basic reason to add a password to a pdf file is to keep the information safe and if the pdf contains confidential data then it becomes more important to secure it with password protection.

So, if you want to that only the authorized person should be able to open or edit pdf file data then secure it by using PDFdoctor which can add a password in a few moments and share the password with the person.

Why create a strong password?

If you do not want anyone to crack the password easily then it is always better to use a strong password but on the same hand should also be easy to remember.

Unauthorized users often attempt to crack a password by guessing. So, if the owner has set up an easy password then there are chances that it will be easily cracked. To avoid this situation a user can create a complex or strong which is not easy to guess. 

How to create a strong password?

It is always better to use a minimum of 12 characters for creating a strong password because the longer the password, the harder it is to guess!.

To make the pdf file password even stronger one can use lower case characters, upper case characters, special characters, symbols, numbers or a combination of any of them.

Do not use generic passwords like a house, pet name, favorite place name which are easy to guess.

After adding a password to the pdf file, it is time to remember the password. Otherwise, the pdf files will not open. To remember (or even to retrieve) a password, one can write it in a diary or a personal document that cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Why use PDFdoctor to secure PDF?

PDFdoctor is one of the simplest web browser-based tools to secure a pdf document. One can easily add a password to a pdf file in just a few moments by using any device.

It securely transfers the data of uploaded pdf files which gets deleted in a very short span of time; ensuring complete safety. .

Here are a few good reasons for using PDFdoctor for encryption of a pdf file:

  • PDFdoctor has a simple user interface that allows the quick addition of a password to a pdf file.
  • One can upload as many pdf files as he wants and add a password.
  • Adding a password to a pdf is completely free on PDFdoctor.
  • No need to download any software program or add an extension to  protect pdf from copying.
  • Passwords can be added to any pdf files on PDFdoctor by using different devices like Android, Mac, Apple iPhone, Mint, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.
  • One can directly upload a pdf file by using device storage or cloud-based services including Google drive, Microsoft one drive and dropbox.
  • To ensure security and privacy, PDFdoctor uses secure cloud servers.
  • The uploaded pdf document automatically gets deleted within one hour after the protected pdf file is downloaded.
  • The password is applied to the pdf file without the loss of quality or content.
  • Simple and easy steps to lock pdf files on PDFdoctor.
  • It very well supports ten languages to secure pdf online (English, हिंदी, తెలుగు, Deutsche, Português, मराठी, Bahasa Melayu, Italiano, தமிழ், Español).
  • No need to register or provide any personal information for using the services of PDFdoctor. 
  • Dedicated FAQs available at the bottom of all service pages.

If you still find it difficult to add password to a pdf file then please feel free to write to us anytime at

How to secure a PDF file by using PDFdoctor?

With PDFdoctor one can easily secure a pdf file by following below simple steps:

Step 1: Keep the pdf file ready which needs to be secured on your laptop or smartphone.

Step 2: Open PDFdoctor in the browser and click on the “ protect pdf” icon available on the homepage.


Step 3: A new page will open where you can upload the pdf file directly from the device storage or by using Google drive, Microsoft one drive and dropbox.

Upload the PDF File

Step 4: After uploading the pdf file enter the password in the given fields then click on the “ add password” button.

Enter the Password

Step 5: Wait for a few moments then click on the “download pdf” button to download the secured pdf file.

File is Ready to Download

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