How to merge PDF files?

How to merge PDF files?

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Do you want to know how to efficiently merge pdf files? Then, you are at the right place! There are lots of third-party tools that can merge pdf files online and offline, you will soon find out about the best tool which can save your time, efforts and energy in maintaining multiple documents.

How to Merge PDF FIles

Web-based tools can be of great help especially when several documents need to be converted quickly. But, it is usually seen that offline pdf merging tools often ask for money with no guarantee of data safety.

Why pay for combining pdf files when you can merge them for free with PDFdoctor?

Why pay for combining pdf files

PDFdoctor is a web browser-based pdf joiner that easily combines pdf online from multiple platforms and devices. The biggest advantage of this tool is that it’s FREE!!!
The PDFdoctor user interface is simple and easy to use and can be used by anyone to combine pdf online.

What is PDF merging?

Pdf is one of the best file formats that can store information including plan layout, text, vector graphics, images and much more.

Combining multiple pdf files into one is called pdf merging. Instead of sharing information in different documents, it is always good to store information in a single file.

Why combine pdf files?

combine pdf files

Merging files with similar information into a single pdf file makes it easier to search the information in one place.

Below are a few examples explaining why it is better to combine multiple documents into one pdf file.

This pdf binder tool can merge multiple documents and files instantly without compromising the quality.

1. Non-availability of a double-sided scanner

Some scanners still support single-sided scanning but this problem is solved by PDFdoctor because this is an online tool that easily combines multiple pdf files into one. Devices which support the latest browsers like Google chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. can be used to merge documents.

2. Easy printing

Multiple documents can be merged into one pdf file so that these can be printed with one command.

3. Combines jpg to pdf

Pdf file is a popular document format that maintains text richness and formatting. It is always better to make one pdf document by merging all jpg images instead of using the ZIP tool because it reduces the file size and becomes easy to share.

Why is PDFdoctor best for merging multiple files into a single pdf

Combining documents could be a difficult task but with PDFdoctor one can easily merge multiple documents by using multiple operating systems and devices. It is a FREE web browser-based tool that provides a simple user interface to merge different files into a single pdf.

To use this browser-based tool, the user only requires an internet connection and a device that supports the latest browsers.

Here are a few clear advantages of using PDFdoctor for your merging needs:

  • Uploaded files get deleted within one hour after the combined files are downloaded
  • Documents are merged into a single pdf file with total security and privacy
  • No user registration or personal information is required to combine documents; making it a whole lot convenient for the user
  • One can get this Pdf merger free of cost to combine pdf files
  • It has the simplest user interface for merging large files into a single pdf document, once uploaded
  • Documents can be merged online by using any of these Mac, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mint, Android, iOS smartphones
  • Files can be directly uploaded from Google drive, Microsoft one drive and even dropbox and device storage
  • No need to download any software tool or add extensions to merge pdf online
  • Does not affect other running processes on the device during the merging process
  • It supports ten languages: తెలుగు, हिंदी, Deutsche, Português, मराठी, Bahasa Melayu, English, Italiano, தமிழ், Español

For any other issues/challenges, please feel free to write to us anytime at : Detailed FAQs are also available at the bottom of all service pages.

Steps to Combine PDF Files online with PDFdoctor

Step 1: Open PDFdoctor in the web browser then click on Merge pdf service

Open in the web browser

Step 2: Pdf can be uploaded by using any of these cloud-based services Google drive, Microsoft one drive and dropbox or directly from the device storage.

Uploaded PDF FIles

Step 3: Select other documents and files which needs to be merged with the uploaded pdf file

Upload other file to be merge

Step 4: To start the merging process click on the merge pdfs button.

Step 5: After waiting for a few minutes a download button will appear in the right corner then click on this button to download the merged pdf file

Merge PDF file is ready to download

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