How to merge PDF files online

How to merge PDF files online

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Since PDF is the most widely used format in the world, most of the documents, files, presentations, excels are shared over emails, messaging apps, cloud accounts are in PDF format. Not just it is safe and usually un-editable but also because it is easy and can be accessed on any device. Moreover, instead of sharing it separately like other files, PDFs can be easily merged into one without losing the quality or merging the overall formatting. It is like stitching different documents together without overlapping each other’s layout. 

This is another reason why the Merge PDF tool is gaining popularity around the world. It is popular not just for business purposes but also for personal usually. Moreover, this tool is easily available online, accessible through desktop as well as on mobile. 

Earlier, people used to print out each PDF document, rearrange them and scan them again to put them in a proper sequence. However, now with an online Merge PDF tool, you can simply upload your individual files, reorder them and save them without any hassle. 

With PDFdoctor merge tool, you can merge your multiple PDF files online and rearrange them for sharing and viewing purposes. 

When to use PDF merge tool?

  1. For office purposes 

You can use a PDF merge tool when you want to share multiple files with someone from your team. For instance- you would obviously won’t spam your colleague’s mailbox with multiple files that have similar names. This can also create confusion and can result in losing track of these files while reviewing them. Won’t it be easier if you can combine all these files into one single PDF for making it more reader-friendly? This is where the PDF merge tool can come handy. 

  1. For college purposes

If you are a university student, a merge PDF tool can come handy when you are working on a group assignment. Suppose, you and your friends are working on a different set of topics for a project, you won’t be sending individual files for final project submission. Here the Merge PDF tool will be of your use as you combine all files together and send it for marking.

  1. For creating portfolios

If you are making your own portfolio for your job or college application, there will be different kinds of sections which will include different file formats such as spreadsheets, documents, images, PowerPoint presentation etc. The only way of putting them into one, the presentable format is to merge all of these files into one PDF. online merge tool has been tested for combining multiple files (read more than a thousand) at once. Unlike other tools, we don’t have restrictions on the number of files that you can combine in one go.

Here is the step by step guide to merge your PDF file online-

  1. Visit and navigate to merge PDF tool option.
  2. Select the files you want to combine from your device or Google Drive or Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive account. 
  3. Now, to reorder the sequence of the PDFs, drag and drop your files.
  4. Once sequenced, click ‘Merge PDF’
  5. Your file is now ready for download. You can share your merged file online directly through link-sharing or email or can directly save it to your cloud storage. merge PDF file tool is accessible through desktop as well as mobile.

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