How to organize PDF?

How to organize PDF?

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Are you working on a college project or creating a portfolio? You might have come across a challenge where you want to rearrange the documents and make it more professional looking. This is where you would find to Organize PDF tool helpful. With its help, you can rotate, add blank pages before and after, delete or merge different PDF documents together. You can do it on all devices and operating systems without worrying about the different versions. Be it mobile, tablet or laptop- you can conveniently reorganize PDF documents without login or registration. 

Features for organizing PDF

The PDF rearranging tool on has following features-

  1. Adding blank pages before or after any PDF page.
  2. Adding multiple PDF files at one and merge them
  3. Deleting multiple PDF 
  4. Rotating PDF pages
  5. Moving PDF pages
  6. Arrange PDF pages in ascending and descending order

Here is a step by step process for organizing PDF-

  • Upload your PDF document from your local storage or cloud storage. You will be glad to know that we have integrated our tool with Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. This means you can directly sync your file from your account in one click, without any hassle.
  • Once you have upload, your PDF pages will be shown as thumbnail in a preview window. Now, when you will hover over your pages, you will be shown these four options-
  1. Rotate left
  2. Rotate right
  3. Delete page
  4. View page

You will also see three other options when you will hover left, right or above the pages.

  1. Hover left to add blank page to your left side.
  2. Hover right to add blank page to your right side.
  3. Hover above to move your page to your desired location.
  • You can also add more files here to merge them together and sequence them accordingly.
  • If you want to sequence them according to the page number, you can click ‘Order Page By Number’ option. With this, you can put them in ascending or descending order. 
  • If you want to rotate all pages together, click ‘Rotate All’. 
  • Once you have finalized the sequence, click ‘Organize PDF’
  • Your file will be ready for download in few moments. Now, if you want to share it directly with your friends, you can send them the document download link instantly from our download page. You can also email them the document link from here. Alternatively, you can directly save them to your online accounts in one click. 


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