How to Print Excel to PDF Format?

How to Print Excel to PDF Format?

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By converting excel to pdf document not just makes it presentable but also makes it easy to read when opened in different devices.

There are lots of extensions and software programs that can change excel documents to pdf files. One can use the “save as” option in Microsoft programs to save it as a pdf document or by using any online or offline software tool, app, etc.

Once can use any of the programs or tools but there are chances that the layout and formatting may not remain the same as it was in the original file.

They might ask you to download some kind of app, extension or software tool which is not a safe option else you need to have a Microsoft program for doing the conversion.

The easiest and safest way to convert an excel workbook to pdf is by using PDFdoctor. It uses cloud services to make the conversion process safer; it automatically deletes the uploaded file in one hour of downloading the converted pdf file.

PDFdoctor is one of the best online tools that not only preserves the quality and formatting in the pdf file but is also free to use. It is a web browser-based converter with a simple user interface that allows the user to easily do the conversion.

A user can access PDFdoctor on multiple operating platforms and devices with the latest browsers installed.

Excel to PDF

Why convert excel to pdf?

Excel is a popular spreadsheet format that was developed by Microsoft in the 1980s to store numerical and text data for doing calculations.

There are lots of formulas, functions and shortcuts which are used in excel to do calculations and show them as charts, pivot tables, graphs, etc. which can be used in a pdf document that looks neater and presentable to excel file.

To open an excel file user needs to have MS office installed in the device which is not required in the case of pdf format.

As Pdf format is a universal document format that can be opened in almost all the modern devices and platforms.

It is always better to convert excel to pdf because the pdf file format retains the layout and text formatting. If you want the user to only view the information but not allow it to edit, then it is always better to use PDFdoctor to save excel as a pdf document.

Pdf takes less space to store large information with exact layout and text formatting. That makes it easy to upload and share information electronically. 

Why use PDFdoctor to save excel as pdf?

Why use PDFdoctor

PDFdoctor is an online tool that instantly changes excel format file to pdf without downloading any software or app. It is completely safe to use because the uploaded excel file automatically gets deleted within one hour.

Benefits of using PDFdoctor to save excel to pdf:

  • The user can directly upload files by using Microsoft one drive, Google drive, dropbox and device storage 
  • It is available in ten languages with FAQs available at the bottom of pages
  • Excel files can be uploaded by using any latest browsers like Google chrome, Safari, Internet explorer, and Mozilla firefox
  • The simple user interface lets the user to quickly save data from excel to pdf without facing any problems
  • There is no need to install any software or program to do the online conversion on
  • One can use multiple operating systems and devices to save ms excel as pdf file like Apple iPhone, Android smartphone, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu and Mac
  • It ensures that the data layout, formatting and hyperlinks are preserved in the converted pdf file 
  • is a free online tool that quickly saves excel as pdf file
  • User is not required to create a login or give personal information
  • It support bulk conversions and also allows the user to convert any number of excel files
  • PDFdoctor use cloud-based services and SSL encryption to make it secured and safe

How to print excel to pdf with PDFdoctor?

With PDFdoctor it is very simple and easy to change excel file to pdf document as it only requires a working internet connection on a device with the latest browsers installed in it.

Simple steps to change excel document to pdf file

Step1: Open PDFdoctor in a web browser


Step2: Then click on excel to pdf icon to upload the document

Step3: A new page will open where a button is available saying “upload XL file” click here to upload excel file from the device storage, Google drive, Microsoft one drive and dropbox

upload excel file

Step4: Once the excel file is successfully uploaded wait for few seconds and then click on the button download button to save the pdf file on your device or sync with drives

File is ready to download

If you still face any problems or have any other queries about converting excel files then you can email us anytime. We would be happy to solve your queries at

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