How to remove passwords from bank statements and credit card statements?

How to remove passwords from bank statements and credit card statements?

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If you have ever noticed, most of the bank documents come password secure to prevent unauthorized access and rightly so, as it contains private information related to your bank account and expenses. The password set on your statements are so meticulously set so that it becomes difficult to guess. Most of the times it is a combination of first four letters of your name and last four digit of your card or your birth date initials or may be your birth year. There are variety of combinations that are possible which are personalized according to your data.

Even though putting together the combination of your information for accessing the bank statement is a little tough task, but this isn’t the real problem. The actual issues start when you have to share this information with your accountant or with somebody else. As banks and government advice, you should not share your statement password with anybody. But, there has to be a solution for this? There is one, what if you remove this password permanently?

Is removing password from your bank statements safe?

Removing password from your bank statements is safe only when you are doing it through a trusted tool and sharing it with to a trusted person. While there are many phishing PDF password removing tools available online, you can follow this checklist to understand if that PDF converter is safe to use. is one of the safest PDF password removing tools available for free that works on cloud server and removes your file as soon as you download it.

You can also sync and save your file directly from your cloud storage or share/email the download link directly from the website, free of cost.

Also remember, bank statements are highly encrypted and removing password is only possible if you have the password. Follow this process to unlock your documents-

How to remove password from your bank statements-

  1. Open in any browser and select Unlock PDF option
  2. Upload your statement PDF from your local device or sync it from any of these cloud storage- Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox
  3. Once uploaded, enter the password and confirm it again.
  1. Click ‘Remove Password’ and wait for a moment
  1. Congrats! You can download the unlocked PDF now

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