How to save PDF as JPG?

How to save PDF as JPG?

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If there is anything more popular than PDF file format, it has to be JPEG. Both of them are universally accessible, is highly recommendable and is easy to open. Infact, JPG/JPEG files take less space compared to other image formats and are most usable when you need to upload images to a website or when you deal with non-textual documents.

But can you extract an image from a PDF? 

Extracting JPG from a PDF is easy. Follow this process step-by-step to do the conversion- 

  1. Visit and click on PDF to JPG tool
  2. Upload your PDF from your device and wait for conversion to begin. You can also sync your file from Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. It is a simple, time-saving and efficient way of processing your files
  3. Download your PDF as JPG and crop it using an image editor. You can also share/email the download link to your friends where your file will be available for download for seven days. You can also save it to your cloud storage directly just like the way you synced it. 

What are the advantages of converting PDF to JPG?

*Converting PDFs to images will add an extra layer of security to your file. Your file will become uneditable and will be safer for sharing. This is even a better way of securing your file from copying or misusing than adding a password. However, this is an irreversible operation and you should keep a copy of the PDF for future purposes. 

*Converting PDF to JPG does not require any download or installation of software. You need just an active internet connection to use PDF to JPG converter on

*JPGs are more accessible than PDF. For example, smartphones require PDF reading apps to open files but JPG are easily viewable on every type on all platforms, be it Android, Apple or Windows. 

*JPGs are easily editable in terms of dimensions, cropping, highlighting and reviewing changes. For editing PDF, you need an entire suite package of premium apps.

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