Should you submit assignments in PDF

Should you submit assignments in PDF

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Why should you submit assignments in PDF?

Remember that time when students had to carry large piles of paper to their classes, looking for teachers to hand them their essays and assignments. Thank god, that time is over. Technology has allowed students and teachers to communicate effectively and share documents quickly. These days students create and save their homework in different file formats. But we think PDF is the most suitable format for them, especially for submitting assignments. Here’s why we think so

Because it saves a lot of paper-

A student’s desk is always cluttered with copy, books, notes, printed articles and assignments. It takes more time sorting documents by date or subject than creating those. Moreover, printing your homework requires extra work and wastes paper. You have to print your assignment at home or find a copy center and spend money. Isn’t it more eco-friendly and time saving to email your homework to the teacher instead?

Because it is easy to create

PDF format is popular today because it is easy to create one. You can convert almost everything to PDF: Word, Excel, PPT, text file, Image, graphics, web pages anything. It’s convenient to type your assignment in Word or Pages and save it in a PDF. If you prefer working on Google Docs, you can download your paper in a PDF as well.

Paper documents can be converted into PDFs, and you don’t need a bulky hardware scanner for this task. Just use your smartphone and use any PDF reading apps. It’s very helpful when you go to the library and find a book important for your research project.

Because it looks same everywhere

Imagine, you have a deadline approaching. You work hard to complete your task on time, spend hours formatting your paper to meet the teacher’s requirements, and finally email the document happily. It’s time to celebrate! Instead your teacher responds he can’t open your file as he has an older version of Word. There are missing fonts, spaces and tables, and the graphics aren’t where you put them with page quantity differing wildly. A sympathetic teacher could ask you to correct your paper and send it again. But, all your hard work may have gone to waste.

That’s why sharing documents in a PDF is always same as it always looks as you’ve intended. No matter if your teacher is using an old machine with Windows XP, the latest Mac or a computer on Linux. Write the best, illustrated assignment, and it displays properly across all devices, software versions, and operating systems.

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