Top PDF books for learning basic Spanish

Top PDF books for learning basic Spanish

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Are you planning to turn multilingual? The internet is full of resources and material for self-help using which you can learn any language you want. Spanish is very close to English and learning is useful only when you practice it frequently. 

Here is the list of some of the top PDF books that you can read to learn or practice Spanish-


An Elementary Spanish Reader by Earl Stanley Harrison

Available on Amazon Kindle, this book is available in PDF format for free if you want to read an e-book. It has short stories written from a novice Spanish speaker point of view, to help understand basic words. 


Spanish Tales for Beginners by Louis Reinhardt and E.C. Hills

This book is available in PDF format and contains short stories from famous Spanish authors which you can find interesting if you want to pick up some new words.


La Mitología para los niños by Fernán Caballero


This book is available for free on Amazon Kindle in PDF format and is little advanced than the elementary Spanish books. This book includes passages and small short essays on Greece history in Spanish language. 


Fortuna: Historia de un perro agradecido by Enrique Pérez Escric

This is another book for beginner Spanish speakers that is available for free on internet. This is the story of Fortuna, one of the popular dog stories. Mostly read in elementary classes, this is an interesting read for everyone who wants to enhance their vocab.



Los Extraños trabajos de Paulino y Eusebio by Eloy Barba Dominguez 

This is considered as one of the best books in PDF format to practice past tense. It is a short story about two friends and can be downloaded online from the internet. 


Why reading is important

Reading is the best way of improving your language skills. The more you read, the faster you will grab the common phrases and different words which will improve your vocabulary. Apart from this, here are other reasons why reading PDF book is a good idea-

*PDF are free and easily available- Most of the e-books for practicing Spanish language is available for free on internet in downloadable format. So instead of spending on paperbacks, prefer downloading PDFs.

*PDF are convenient to read- Since PDF can be accessed on any device and operating systems, you can practice/read these PDF e-books anywhere, anytime. You can access the PDF on your smartphone, laptop, tablet and desktop at the same time.

*Print it at your own will- If you are not comfortable reading digitally, you can print the PDF at your own convenience and will. While it is not ecologically smart to print it but you can select one or two page as per your choice. 

*PDF are good support- PDF book is a complimentary way of practicing Spanish as only reading won’t help. Basically, reading is a way of keeping words in the mind. Keeping PDF books handy can prepare you well for extra language skills.  

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