Top PDF reading apps for iPhone and iPad

Top PDF reading apps for iPhone and iPad

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PDF, also short for Portable Document format is certainly one of the most popular file formats today. Most of the mobile users prefer PDF format for saving e-books or non-editable office documents. What makes the PDF format so much acceptable is the fact that it is compatible with different platforms. Also, the formatting of the document remains same across different devices, irrespective of the platform.

With PDF’s increased popularity, people prefer accessing PDF on their smartphones or tablets. For this process, you need PDF reading app that can open your file and make your viewing experience fit for reading. You can check the list of PDF reading app for Android phones here. In this article, we are collating the list of PDF apps for iPhone & iPad.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Being one of the most popular PDF reading app, Adobe can function on all devices without any hassle. In fact, it was Adobe which developed the PDF format in 1993. The app can read your PDF files, add password to your PDF and you can also open fillable forms with this app. However, you cannot edit PDFs through this app.


It is one of the popular native PDF reader app for iPhone and iPad. In the latest version of iOS, Apple has revamped this app and renamed it to Books. The app supports PDF and epub files. You can also sync books using iTunes. This app has simple interface with no fancy features.

Google Play Books

This has been a very successful PDF reading app for Android and now the iPhone version is also gaining popularity. You can also sync your PDF and e-book in EPub format and view it on the app in a very readable and viewable format. If you like reading online books, Google Play Books is the perfect app for your iPhone.

Foxit PDF Reader

This is the second-most preferred PDF reading app for iPhone and iPad. The app has some additional features including split files and physical document scanning. In the free version, you can view PDFs, add comments and highlight text etc. For the paid version, there are many more features that you can use to access your PDF file.


This app has been designed to allow users to read, edit, annotate, convert and sign PDF files in a very simple way.  With this app, you can access your PDF from your iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and Box.

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