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Compress your PDF in one click

Just drag and drop your file above from your device or sync it from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox. Now count till three. Your compressed file is ready for download. Don’t worry, the file formatting and quality will be preserved during the process.

Securing your PDF data

We compress your PDF files using the most secure encryption method. These files are automatically deleted after the compression. If you wish to know more, check our privacy policy.

Compressing PDFs on all devices, OS

PDFdoctor compresses PDF across platforms and devices, be it Android, Windows or iOS. This is an online tool which fits with everything and works on every laptop, tablet or smartphone.

File compression made simple

Upload the PDF file directly from Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive or your device and wait for moments while your PDF file is compressed. Our optimisation tool preserves the quality and the formatting of the PDF.

Compress multilingual files in one go

We compress PDF file of all languages, without losing on quality or content. You just need to upload your file and let our compression engine do the rest.

Quick optimization on clouds

Since PDF compression is done by our secure cloud servers, the entire process is 100% online and does not require any downloads or installation.


How to compress your PDF online:

  • compresses your file without losing the quality or the resolution. We are experts at optimizing your PDF file because we understand the nitty gritty of it. Even after compressing, your PDF file will be of printable and zoomable quality. PDF file with tables and images can be compressed in moments with You can easily compress your PDF file in kb from mb. Here is how to compress your PDF file-

  • Upload your large size PDF file above or sync it through Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox.

  • Wait for a moment while we reduce your PDF file size.

  • And your compressed file is ready for download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this tool compress PDF file size to less than 100 Kb ?

    Yes, PDFdoctor’s compressor has reduced many PDF files below 100 KB. We try to compressPDF optimally using sophisticated algorithms. However, it all depends upon the specific PDF which you are trying to compress. Some PDF files have more scope for size reduction while others may not. Given that it is dependent on the specific PDF, we don’t give user the option to provide the target size while compressing PDF. The tool does the heavy lifting of compressing the PDF to an optimal size by exploiting all the opportunities present in that PDF file.

  • Does this tool supoort Android and Iphone for PDF compression ?

    Yes, works on Android phones and Iphones and helps you in compressing PDF to your required size and make it easy for sharing and uploading. Visit on your web browser and upload your PDF file for compression and download the compressed PDF.

  • Which version of windows is supported by PDFdoctor ? supports Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 2013, Windows 2016 and Windows 2019 and promises to support future Windows versions. works on cloud server and does not require any installation or downloads. As long as you have steady internet connection, PDFdoctor will ensure your PDF files are compressed without losing out on quality.

  • Can I compress my PDF file without losing quality ?

    Yes, compresses your PDF file without losing quality or content. Be assured that your PDF file is in safe hands and you are going to get your compressed PDF with same quality and content.

  • Can I compress my PDF file on my laptop or tablet ?

    Yes, can be used on laptop or tablets to compress your PDF to required size without losing quality and resolution. You can use your device storage or Google Drive or Dropbox to upload your PDF file and save your compressed PDF file.

  • Can I compress my multilingual PDF file with this tool?

    Yes, can compress PDF file in any language and can preserve the quality and content.

  • Can this online PDF compressor reduce the file to a given size?

    Our sophisticated PDF compression engine tries to find out all the opportunities present in a given PDF file and then reduces the size. The amount of size reduction possible is dependent upon specific file. So, we don’t provide the option to give a target size, rather we do the most optimal reduction automatically. Since, each PDF is different and depending on contents of PDF, amount of redundant objects in PDF and compression algorithms already applied, compression can vary from 2X to 10X. We have seen reduction in sizes of following orders 1. 500 kb file compressed to PDF file of size 50kb 2. 1 mb file compressed to PDF file of size 100kb 3. 2 mb file compressed to PDF file of size 200kb 4. 2.5 mb file compressed to PDF file of size 250kb 4. 3 mb file compressed to PDF file of size 300kb

  • How does PDFdoctor compress PDF files ?

    PDFdoctor compresses PDF files by removing unused objects and streams from PDF, subsetting fonts, reusing content streams, applying compression filters, optimizing image size and other proprietary methods to reduce size of PDF without impacting quality. PDFdoctor is the best pdf compressor online !

  • How can I compress PDF files for free ?

    You can use PDFdoctor's pdf compressor to compress pdf online for free.

  • Which algorithms are used in PDF to compress data ?

    PDF files make use of following algorithms to compress textual, graphics and images in PDF. CCITT G3/G4 - A lossless algorithm for image compression JPEG - A lossy for image compression JPEG2000 - Enables both lossy and lossless compression of images. Improvement over JPEG. Flate - A lossless algorithm for used for compressing both images and text. It is an improvement over LZW algorithm. JBIG2 - An image compression algorithm supporting both lossy and lossless compression LZW - A lossless algorithm for used for compressing both images and text. RLE - A lossless algorithm for image compression ZIP - Archival format supporting lossless data compression