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Doc to PDF conversion made easy

Sync your Doc file from your device or directly from Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive and save it in PDF format in exactly five seconds. Quality assured, formatting preserved- tell us what else you need!

It’s about your privacy

Your Doc file is converted to PDF on our servers where your original and converted file is automatically deleted once you finish downloading it. Our privacy policy mentions everything. Feel free to read.

Platform neutral conversion tool is 100% online tool and supports Doc files to PDF conversion across platforms, operating systems, laptops, mobiles, desktop and tablets.

Instant Doc to PDF conversion

Once you upload your Doc file, your file will be converted to PDF in an instant. You can download your PDF file and save it on your device or directly sync it on your Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.

Converting all kinds of Doc file

Convert your Doc file to PDF in moments and preserve the quality, formatting, watermarks and content of your original file. It is simple, easy, online and free.

Convenient cloud conversion

We convert your Doc file to PDF on our secure cloud servers. This process does not require any download or software installation. Hooray!


How to convert Doc to PDF online:

  • PDF is a universal format for sharing files in outdated extensions. While converts all types of doc files into PDF, there can be rare instances of formatting getting distorted. Worry not, our engineers at are available round the clock for your assistance. Drop us a mail at and we will get back to you with the best solution.

  • Upload your doc file above or sync it from Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Wait for a moment while your file gets converted.

  • Voila! Your file is ready for download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I convert my Word Doc file to PDF using this tool on Windows or macOS?

    Yes, you can convert your files with Doc extension to PDF using PDFdoctor convertor engine on your desktop, laptop or tablet running on Microsoft Windows or macOS or Linux. Visit and select option Doc To PDF Convertor. Follow these steps from here-

    1. Upload your document in Doc format above from your device or Google Drive or Dropbox
    2. Wait for a moment while it is getting converted
    3. Download your PDF file in one click.
    4. Rate us for our service.

  • Can I convert my .doc document to PDF using this tool on Android or Iphone?

    Yes, you can convert your .doc document using PDFdoctor on your Android mobile phone as well as on Iphone. Open your web browser on your mobile phone and visit Follow these steps to convert your word file to PDF-
    1. Click on Doc To PDF option. 2. Upload Doc file from your file manager or Google Drive or Dropbox. 3. Download your file in one click from the web page 4. Don’t forget to rate our tool

  • Can this tool convert Google Doc to PDF? enables you to sync your document directly from your Google Drive account. Save your document in the drive and click on drive option which is next to upload button. Select the documents and wait for it while it gets converted. You can save the Word to PDF converted file on your Google Drive by clicking on drive icon.

  • Can I convert my Doc file to PDF without losing formatting and quality?

    Yes, maintains the formatting and quality of your Doc file while converting it to PDF. You can convert your document without losing content or layouting. Your document remains as it is before the conversion, just in PDF format.

  • Can I convert my Doc file to password protected PDF?

    Yes, you can convert your Doc file to password protected PDF at PDFdoctor. Upload the .doc document for first converting it to PDF. The second step is to upload or sync this converted PDF again on 'Protect PDF' page and add password when asked. You can now download your password protected PDF.

  • Which version of MS Doc is supported by this tool? supports MS Doc 98, 2001, XP, 2004, 2008, 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2019. Since the conversion process is done on our cloud server, there is no limitation to what we can do. We support doc format of all MS Office versions.

  • How to convert google doc to pdf?

    To turn google doc into pdf, do the following steps:
    1. Sign in with your Google account and go to 2. Select the document that you want to convert to pdf and open it with Google Docs. 3. Click on ‘File’ and go to ‘Download as’ and choose ‘PDF Document’. 4. The file would download as pdf into your desired folder. Locate the file and open up the pdf file to make sure of its successful online conversion.

  • How to save doc to pdf on Mac?

    It’s easy to share a document by saving it in pdf (Portable Document Format). Here’s how you can do that:
    1. Open the document that you want to convert to pdf on your Mac. 2. Go to the ‘File’ option and click on ‘Print’. 3. Select the PDF pop-up and make sure to then choose ‘Save as Pdf’. 4. Once you have given the file a name and location, you can choose to enter other information like title, subject and keywords. 5. You can also password-protect your pdf; Mac would require the same password before opening the file, copying anything the document and even printing it.

  • How to change doc to pdf on iPhone and iPad?

    With the introduction of iOS 10 in iPhones, they come with an in-built pdf convertor. Follow these steps to change a doc to pdf on iPhones and iPads.
    1. Launch the document you want to convert to pdf on your device. 2. Tap on the ‘share’ button. 3. Select the ‘Print’ icon displayed at the bottom of the share sheet. 4. Proceed to the preview image of the document which will appear at the bottom section. 5. Tap and zoom out on the small preview thumbnail to convert the entire preview into a pdf. 6. Tap on the Share button on the top and choose ‘Save to Files’ option to save the pdf document you just created.

  • How to convert docs to pdf in Android?

    If you do not want to deal with the hassle of downloading a convertor just to compress a doc to pdf, then this is the perfect solution for you. With the Microsoft Office 365 app, it is much more efficient and simpler.
    1. Select the file you want to save as pdf and open it on Word. 2. Go to ‘File’ or tap the file con. 3. Choose ‘Print’ and select ‘Save as PDF’ on the dropdown menu. 4. Tap on ‘Save’ and pick out the location for your pdf file.

  • How make a doc a pdf on the iPhone?

    You can turn any type of document into pdf on your iPhone, thanks to the iOS 10 upgrade.
    Create a pdf from doc files by doing the following steps:
    1. Choose the document you want to convert and open it on your iPhone. 2. Tap on the ‘Share’ button located at the bottom. 3. Select the ‘print’ option and ignore the print setup until you reach the preview screen. 4. Tap and zoom out the preview thumbnail, which will turn the preview into a pdf. 5. To export it, press the ‘Share’. 6. You can save your file in your desired folder.

  • How to convert doc to pdf in Microsoft word 2003?

    Microsoft Word 2003 is missing a native PDF converter unlike the latest version of Microsoft Word. In order to convert documents to pdf in Word 2003, you need to download the required plugins to do that. Some suggested plugins to allow conversion are listed below:
    PDF 995
    Once you’ve downloaded the plugins, you are ready for the doc to pdf conversion in word 2003.
    1. Open up the desired document and click on the ‘File’ menu. 2. Select the ‘Print’ option and change the printer name to Adobe PDF (The name of the printer may vary depending on the plugin). 3. Once you’ve done that, click on OK to proceed to save the pdf file.