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Changing to PDF in moments

Convert your HWP file in Korean language to PDF in moments for making it shareable and accessible. You can keep the formatting and layout of the document same without any hassle.

Your data is safe

Our tool converts HWP file to PDF on a cloud server where your file is automatically deleted once your file is converted and downloaded by you. Our privacy policy is pretty clear, go through it if you wish to know more.

Supporting multiple platforms

Our tool works on all devices, platforms and OS and converts your file to PDF in one click. The process is simple and uniform and creates PDF of your file in moments.

Easiest tool online

Our tool is easy to work and operate. Just upload the file from your device in one click or sync it from your cloud storage. Click 'Convert to PDF' and download/sync your file without any troubles.

Multilingual support

Our tool supports documents in all languages, Korean is one of them. The content of your file remains safe while it is converted to PDF format. We are proficient in converting HWP files to PDF.

Conversion on cloud

Convert your HWP to PDF on cloud based server, without registration or login. You are not required to download or install any software to perform this operation. Unlike other tools, we work seamlessly on active internet connection.


How to convert HWP to PDF online

  • HWP or Hangul Word Processing files support Korean written language which makes it a popular file format in South Korea. This file can be accessed on other devices only when you convert it to PDF format. This way you can keep the content safe and uneditable. Here is how to convert your HWP to PDF in one click-

  • Upload your HWP file above or sync it from your cloud accounts.

  • Click 'Convert to PDF' to start the conversion process.

  • Congrats! Your file is ready for download now

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is .hwp file extension ?

    HWP stands for Hangul Word Processor. Documents created using Hangul word processor have .hwp file extension. Like PDF, file with this extension can be used cross-platform e.g. PC, Mac, and Linux. .hwp file extension has two file types associated with it: 1. Hangul (Korean) Text Document : It is a word processor file written in Hangul which is a Korean language. 2. Hanword Document : This is a file created by Hanword which is a Korean word processing application. These are used primarily for documents written in Hangul (Korean language).

  • How do I open .hwp file online?

    For .hwp file created with Hangul 97 - You can open it using Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or, LibreOffice. For .hwp file created using newer version than Hangul 97, you have to use Hancom's ThinkFree Office Online to view HWP files online.