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Making your documents safer

OXPS file is another format apart from PDF for securing and sharing your file. We can convert your OXPS file to PDF in moments without any hassle to make it viewable and accessible.

Your data remains private:

Our tool uses the most secure encryption method to transfer your OXPS file for converting it to PDF to the server. It is automatically deleted once the conversion process is done. Read our privacy policy, if you wish to know more.

Works everywhere

Our conversion tool works across platforms and devices to ensure your the OXPS to PDF conversion process is hassle free. Be it Android, Windows or iOS, we fit with everything on every laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Easy to use

Simply upload your OXPS files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive or your device and relax for a bit while it gets converted to PDF. That's it. Your file is ready for download.

Faster conversion, everytime

You can easily convert your OXPS file to PDF in seconds and keep the data in the same format as your original file. We are here to make your file conversion experience easy.

No download, no installation

Our server on the cloud is a master tool that converts your OXPS file to PDF in one simple click without any download or installation requirement. It's 100% online process which does not require any software or app.


How to convert OXPS to PDF online:

  • OXPS file or Open XML Paper Specification (OpenXPS) format is very similar to PDF files as it stores information and preserves a fixed layout in the same way. Converting it to PDF makes it viewable and shareable across all platforms and devices. Here is how to convert OXPS to PDF-

  • Upload your OXPS file above or sync it from your cloud accounts.

  • Click 'Convert to PDF' to start the conversion process.

  • Congrats! Your file is ready for download now

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an OXPS file ?

    The OXPS file extension is an abbreviation for Open XML Paper Specification. This file format was created by Microsoft and Ecma International. This is an open format standardized by Ecma International in June 2009. OXPS is similar to PDF in that the layout format is fixed. The OpenXPS format is based on the XPS format, but these two formats are incompatible.

  • What are internal details of OXPS file format ?

    .OXPS files are actually ZIP files that use the Open Packaging conventions and contain the files that make up the document. These include XML markup files for each page, text, embedded fonts, bitmaps and also includes 2D vector graphics and digital rights management information. You can extract the .XPS file or the contents of the .OXPS file using any ZIP tool.

  • Which programs can be used to open OXPS file on Mac ?

    On Mac, you can use NiXPS View, Pagemark XpsViewer, or Microsoft Word 2019 to open OXPS files.

  • Which programs can be used to open OXPS file on Windows ?

    On Windows, you can use NiXPS View, Microsoft XPS Viewer, Pagemark XpsViewer or Microsoft Word 2019 to open OXPS files.

  • Which programs can be used to open OXPS file on Linux ?

    On Linux, you can use Pagemark XpsViewer to open OXPS files.

  • Can I convert oxps file to pdf in windows 8 using PDFdoctor?

    Yes. PDFdoctor is cross platform. You can convert OXPS files to PDF using PDFdoctor on all version of windows including windows 8 as well. You can perform this conversion on any version of Linux/Mac/Windows/Android or iOS as well.

  • How much time is required for converting a file from OXPS to PDF ?

    PDFdoctor takes only few moments to convert your file from OXPS to PDF. Sync or drag and drop your file above and before you know it, your file will be ready for download in PDF format.

  • Is it safe to convert my personal OXPS files to PDF using this tool ?

    At PDFdoctor.com, we use highly encrypted method to transfer your OXPS files to our servers to convert it to PDF. Here your file is automatically deleted after the conversion process.