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Add page numbers quickly

Upload your PDF file, add margins, add page number and your file is ready for download. You can customize the font style accordingly. If you don't want any customization, leave the settings as is.

Your file is safe

Add page numbers to PDF securely without losing your data. You aren't required to login to use this tool. Just upload your file, make changes, customize page number settings and download your processed file.

Works everywhere, anywhere

Our tool works on all devices and platforms, irrespective of the formatting and orientation. We can add page numbers, margins and text to your PDF header and footer as per your requirements, in just few steps.

Simple, quick and fast

Upload your file, choose margin settings from the drop-down menu, select pages where you want to add page numbers from and format, font of page numbers. That's it. Your processed file will be ready for download in few seconds.

Highly customised design

We have made this tool very easy to use. With a drop-down menu, you can choose how and where you want to add page numbers and margins to your PDF. Our interactive preview option can help you to assess and decide the settings.

No installation, no downloads

Our tool works completely online and you are not required to install or download any software for using this tool. Just upload, make changes and download the processed file in moments.


How to add page numbers to PDF online:

  • Adding page numbers to PDF can be a confusing task, especially if you want to customize it with file format. With this tool, you can easily add page numbers, margins and style to your PDF that too without login or downloading or installing any software. With our easy preview window, you can decide if you want to choose the specific setting.

  • We recommend you to use default settings if you want your PDF page numbering to start from the first page. However, if you want to add styling, choose the desired option from the drop-down menu. For instance, if you want to add page number in format ‘Page 1 of 100’, choose Page {n} of {p} option from the drop-down menu. Here is the detailed procedure of adding page numbers to your PDF-

  • Upload your PDF or sync it from your cloud storage. We support Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox integration.

  • Choose the settings from the drop-down menu for types of margin and its position, page number settings and appearance of text.

  • Finalise your selection and click download. Your processed file is ready.

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