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PDF to EPUB with instant process

As soon as the user uploads the PDF from your device or cloud storage such as Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive, it converts the same automatically to EPUB format. Your file is now ready to share or download and you have completed the conversion process properly.

Completely platform-independent conversion

Platform dependency of any tool hinders the conversion process. With PDFdoctor, you never have to worry about the platform dependency. The process of conversion with this tool is completely independent. There is no specific browser, operating system, or device requirement. Without any conflict, you will get the file converted properly.

Safe and secure conversion for all the users

Running on the secure and managed server, we never let the users experience any sort of privacy hassle. 24/7 dedicated support systems ensure the safety of all the data on this server. A regular safety check on our server ensures that the users never have any associated risk at any point in time. No risk conversion from PDF to EPUB is completely possible with us.

Conversion from PDF to EPUB in the quickest mode

When you are choosing us for your conversion needs, you are going to enjoy the quickest mode of conversion. From file uploading to conversion, it just takes a few seconds to get everything completed. We follow only the quickest strategy with a fast server and tool. No more delay and waiting zone to complete the conversion process.

Best PDF to EPUB conversion Quality

Maintaining the quality of the converted file is what we love to do. Our tool never brings the distorted file as a result of the conversion. We only allow the users to experience the quality conversion process and for that, we follow the quality process. Our in-built system and software bring the quality file to let you download or share across several platforms.

The friendly experience for all the device users

We never share any information with any third party operator or let you experience any inconvenience due to your device. We deliver the smartest and friendliest experience to all the users. Irrespective of your device, operating system, or browser, you will always love availing a seamless experience with us.


How to Convert PDF to EPUB online:

  • For converting PDF to EPUB online, open the website https://pdfdoctor.com/ in your browser, upload the PDF file either from device or cloud storage, and get the EPUB file easily. You can understand it through the steps below -

  • Upload the PDF file from your device or cloud storages such as Microsoft, OneDrive or Google Drive in the section of PDF to EPUB conversion

  • Wait, file is getting uploaded and converted

  • Now, download or share the file in EPUB format

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any difference between PDF and EPUB format?

    PDF is one of the most popular file formats for protecting any document and to share any information with anyone. While on the other hand, EPUB stands for e-publication format that is preferred by e-book readers. EPUB files are publically available e-book standard file types established by IDPF (the International Digital Publishing Forum).

  • Can I convert PDF format to EPUB online for free?

    Converting PDF to EPUB online for free is easily possible on PDFdoctor. Just a few processes and you will get the successfully converted file in .epub format. Step 1: Using upload or drop option, bring your PDF file over this tool either through your device or cloud storage Step 2: Let the process get completed from uploading to conversion, just a few seconds Step 3: Now you can download or share the file in the changed format from PDF to EPUB format

  • Will the quality of the original PDF remain the same while converting from PDF to EPUB?

    When you convert the PDF into EPUB, it never allows you to experience any inconvenience due to distorted content format or anything like that. All the data, content, and quality remain the same in the converted file in the new format. PDFdoctor maintains the original quality of PDF in EPUB format without any compromise.

  • How to maintain the privacy of your EPUB file while converting online?

    With this PDFdoctor, users enjoy the safest experience. Adhering to the complete safety measure, the tool never allows the users to experience any inconvenience. There is no privacy threat using this online tool. In the safe mode, users enjoy the advantage of seamless conversion. No risk conversion is quite possible with this tool.

  • Will I be able to convert PDF to EPUB instantly?

    It is just a matter of seconds when you want to convert your file from PDF to EPUB. PDFdoctor is a recommended tool to avail of the instant process of conversion. No more waiting and other distractions to get the file converted properly. Just open the browser, upload the document, and get the converted file with the superfast experience.

  • How to make your PDF, easily readable for the users?

    For e-book readers, the EPUB version is recommended as it makes the reading experience friendly and easier. It is far better than PDF when it comes to reading. Hence, converting your PDF to EPUB is the best way to enhance your reading experience or making it easily readable for all the users.

  • How do I convert a PDF to EPUB on mobile/tablet?

    If you are using a dynamic converter tool, then you never have to worry about this. Online tools like PDFdoctor help the users in getting the files converted from PDF to EPUB easily across any device. You can use this tool easily and effectively over any device such as mobile/tablet/desktop or any operating system

  • Will I have to enter any personal information to download the converted file?

    No, with this dynamic tool, you never have to enter any information to download the converted file. Even when you download the converted file, you are never asked to enter any credentials to download the file. It is always a hassle-free experience with this tool.

  • Which is the best PDF to EPUB converter?

    Amid all other online tools, PDFdoctor is the best PDF to EPUB converter. It is successfully helping the users getting the converted file. With no effort, within a single click, a user can get the files converted. Considering all the features of the other online tool, it has been developed with great safety measures and in an advanced mode to let the users enjoy the fun of interactive conversion.

  • Can you convert your PDF to an e-book?

    Yes, you can convert your PDF file or written script in PDF file into an e-book. For this, you will need to have an EPUB version of your PDF document. And it is possible when you convert your PDF to EPUB using an online converter tool like PDFdoctor. EPUB version of your PDF file will transform it successfully in an e-book.