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Extract PDF tables to Excel spreadsheets Online for free

Confused, how to convert tables within your PDF to excel spreadsheet? Get the most favorable solution with our online converter. PDFdoctor helps you convert your PDF to Excel in a very interactive way. Just upload the PDF file and wait for a moment to get it converted automatically. You can upload the file through your device or cloud storage.

Platform independent tool for converting online

With this tool, you have no dependency on any particular device, storage, browser, or operating system. You can upload and convert using any device either through a laptop, desktop, and smartphone. Without any particular browser need or any app dependency, you can convert the file properly.

Safest conversion ever with PDFdoctor

Processing the documents carefully, we take care of the same on our server to render the quality conversion advantage to you. The safest and secure server makes sure that the secrecy and privacy of the file are maintained properly. Our technicians keep an eye on the security and safety of the server to deliver you a seamless experience.

Quality conversion from PDF to Excel

Without any data distortion and file tampering, PDFdoctor converts the original file and delivers you amazing conversion output. You love the high-quality conversion that the tool delivers promptly with no inconvenience. The tool maintains the quality of the PDF file from data, table, and content formatting to everything.

Single-click fastest conversion from PDF to Excel

When you are using PDFdoctor, you get the single click and fastest conversion access. Within one click you get the file converted in the desired format. Once you upload the PDF file to convert with a single click, it converts at the same time into the Excel format. And the converted file is ready to download and share. You will love this fastest experience ever.

From conversion to sharing, everything with PDFdoctor

PDFdoctor is not here to only convert your file. You will also have the option to convert and share/download the file within the instant. All these advanced features make this tool a demanding one among the users. You will enjoy the all-in-one advantage with PDFdoctor. It is quite safe and you never have to worry about any online threats.


How to Convert PDF to Excel online:

  • PDF to Excel conversion has got completely easier and the fastest experience with PDFdoctor. Anyone with a device connected to an internet connection can easily convert the file with this tool through the below process -

  • Open the website https://pdfdoctor.com/. Go to the section of PDF to Excel conversion on the website

  • Upload the PDF file from any device or cloud storages like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox

  • Now, get your converted Excel file within a few seconds. It is ready to share and download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the need to convert PDF to Excel?

    If a PDF file contains the content in the table, then importing the same to any other format is not so easier with the same formatting. Hence to import the same table data in other formats easily and with no changes, it is a good move to convert PDF to Excel. It maintains the formatting of the original file with no quality loss.

  • How can I transform a PDF into Excel online for free?

    Just follow the below three steps to do it quickly:- Step 1: You can easily open the website https://pdfdoctor.com/ and visit the PDF to Excel section on the website Step 2: Drag or upload the PDF file Step 3: The file in XLS format is now ready to download or share

  • Will the table or data in PDF get distorted with Excel conversion?

    No, when you are converting it through PDFdoctor, it never causes such an experience. The tool has been developed with all the set metrics to place all the data of PDF file properly into Excel format. Hence, with this conversion, you never have to worry about the table, content, data or formatting getting distorted or lost. It is the same as the original file.

  • Is there any privacy issue when converting PDF to Excel using the free online converter?

    No, to deliver the seamless experience, we at PDFdoctor never let you experience any privacy issue. At any point in time of conversion, you will never experience any privacy hassle and it will be the safest conversion ever. We never gather any information from your IP and never share your document or data with anyone.

  • How fast can I convert my PDF into Excel?

    Just a blink of your eyes and you can convert your PDF into Excel. Yes, it is so much easier. The overall process of conversion just takes not more than 5 seconds. Just upload your file and download the converted one within seconds. This fastest experience is nowhere to be witnessed rather than PDFdoctor.

  • How to convert PDF to Excel using my smartphone?

    No matter whether you are using an Android or iOS device; you can convert PDF to Excel using our tool online. This is a platform-independent tool. Hence, you do not have to get dependent on any particular device, browser, or operating system. Overall you need to open the website and upload the original file to convert it properly.

  • Is it required to log in/register to download the converted file from the website?

    While many tools ask you to do so but with this amazing converter PDFdoctor, there is no such requirement. You will never have to login/register to download the converted file. Only you have to upload the file and the tool will convert it for free, without gathering any information or data from you.

  • How to edit a table in a PDF file?

    To edit a PDF file for its table and other data; you must convert it to Excel format. Upload the original PDF to the online converter like PDFdoctor and get the Excel file with all the original content. Now edit the data as required and again convert the Excel into PDF. Now, you have successfully edited a table in a PDF file.

  • What is the best way to convert PDF to Excel online?

    For all your conversion needs, PDFdoctor is always the best online converter. Using this tool, you can convert all your PDF to Excel online in a superb way. The conversion process from PDF to Excel is extremely safer, secure, easier, and faster with this online converter tool. This is the ever best-recommended tool to easily execute this task.

  • Is the converted Excel file secure to use?

    Yes, the converted Excel file from PDF using the online converter PDFdoctor is completely safe and secure to use. The backend converter server and the software of PDFdoctor run on a secure server. And all the protective measures are adopted to keep online intruders away. Hence, there is no issue using the downloaded file from this tool.