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One-stop hub for PDF to Scanned PDF conversion

A tool that is completely customized to render the finest conversion experience! Whenever you want to convert a file from PDF to Scanned PDF format, you can do so using this tool. Just upload the PDF file and get the converted file in a Scanned format. It looks the same as the file scanned using a scanner.

The dynamic tool for an online conversion

Uploading, converting, and downloading the file do not require any specific browser, device, or operating system. It makes the process friendly for all the users. There is no need to wait for any particular app or depend on any specific criteria to convert the file. Only a device connected to an internet connection would suffice the purpose.

All files are in safe hands

Understanding the privacy preferences of the users, we run this conversion process on a very safe and secure server. Regular monitoring of the server by our dedicated professionals ensures that no online intruder can access your file. On the other hand, PDFdoctor automatically deletes the file after conversion.

Single click fastest conversion

To scan a file, you need to use a scanner and follow certain procedures; but there is no hassle here. Just drag/upload the file that you want to be scanned and within seconds you will get the scanned PDF file. It’s a magical feel here using this tool. Such a fast process is not to be witnessed anywhere else.

Quality Scanned PDF with the seamless conversion

When you are using this tool, you never lose the quality of the file. PDFdoctor is an advanced online converter that delivers the converted file with proper quality. There is nothing to think twice regarding the format, content, or graphics of the file. No distortion of data is what we adhere to while delivering you conversion advantages.

Downloading and sharing features for users convenience

We are allowing the users to download or share the files instantly after conversion. There is no question mark on your face that – how will I download or share the converted file? As soon as the conversion is finished, you get the downloading or sharing option to meet your requirement properly. Downloading from our website is completely safe and sharing is possible across several platforms.


How to Convert PDF to Scanned PDF online:

  • PDF to Scanned PDF is a completely magical process with PDFdoctor. No specific technical skill is required to complete the process. Just follow the below to get the Scanned PDF properly -

  • Click on this link and open the website https://pdfdoctor.com/. Go to the PDF to Scanned PDF section on the website

  • Upload the PDF through any device or cloud storages like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox

  • Wait to upload and convert it properly

  • Just within seconds, the converted file is ready to download or share

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why PDF to Scanned PDF conversion?

    To make the content, formatting, and graphics the same as the scanned file, this conversion is required. When you convert the original PDF to a Scanned PDF, you get the same as the original scanned file. There is no hassle of conversion and you have the properly scanned version of the original PDF that is ready to download or share.

  • What is the process to convert PDF to Scanned PDF online for free?

    Here is the friendly process for all to convert PDF to Scanned PDF online for free. Step 1: Open the website https://pdfdoctor.com/ and go to PDF to Scanned PDF conversion section Step 2: Now drag or upload the PDF file to the tool and wait for a moment Step 3: The file is now ready to download or share

  • What about the content quality of the PDF file that you wish to convert?

    Utilizing the advanced techniques for conversion, PDFdoctor converts the file while ensuring the best quality. All the data, content, graphics, and formatting of the PDF file remains original in the scanned format. Users never have any inconvenience regarding the quality of the file they want to convert. This quality experience of conversion is nowhere to be witnessed anywhere else.

  • What about the privacy assurance while using this tool for PDF to Scanned PDF?

    PDFdoctor always provides privacy assurance to all users. With this tool, you never have to think about the data getting leaked or shared with any third party. Even it is deleted from our server. Hence, there is complete privacy and security when you consider using PDFdoctor for your entire conversion requirement.

  • Will it take time to convert PDF to a Scanned PDF?

    No, when you are converting with this tool, it is the superfast experience ever. You have to upload the PDF file and within seconds, your scanned PDF is ready to download or share. This speediest conversion is not to be experienced anywhere else. There is no hassle to switch on your scanner, connect your PC for getting a PDF file scanned.

  • Is it possible to convert PDF to Scanned PDF using the smartphone?

    Yes, it is possible. PDFdoctor is not restricted to any device, browser, or operating system. You have to only upload the PDF file from your smartphone and it will get converted to Scanned PDF. There is no dependency to connect the scanner to the computer system. Just open the website, upload the file, and download/share the scanned file in a hurry.

  • Is it the same as other tools that ask you to register before downloading the converted file?

    No, PDFdoctor is a unique converter online for free in this segment. You won’t be asked to register or login so that you can download or share the converted file. The tool is not going to distract you from the mainstream conversion process. It never asks your private info. Just open the link, upload, and download. It is the smoothest conversion ever.

  • Can I scan the PDF file online?

    Yes, leaving the traditional scanning method far behind, now you can use the online tool like PDFdoctor to scan the PDF file. For this, you have to convert the PDF to scanned PDF and then it will look the same as it appears after scanning the PDF file using a scanner. This becomes the smoothest way to scan PDF files online.

  • What is the recommended online converter for converting PDF to Scanned PDF online?

    PDFdoctor is a recommended online converter for converting PDF to scanned PDF. The seamless and hassle-free way to convert is what PDFdoctor stands for. The conversion is quite interesting with this tool. You have to only upload the original file and the scanned PDF gets ready to download or share within five seconds. Along with this, no safety or privacy risk in using this tool.

  • How to make your PDF look like scanned PDF?

    There are several ways to make your PDF look like scanned PDF. You may require it while submitting the documents for some official purposes. To do it faster and smoothly, you must seek the help of an online converter PDFdoctor. Using this tool, you can easily convert your PDF to Scanned PDF and it would look the same as scanned using a scanner.

  • Why should one convert a document look like scanned?

    In many of the offices, they only accept the scanned version of the document. Because they want you to take print out of the document and then scan it. In today's world most of the operations related to document operations are possible online. We built this tool so that in such situations, you can smartly get your job done without going into the hassle of printing and scanning. This not only saves your extra effort also saves our planet by saving paper. So, use this tool to: 1. save your extra effort, 2. save trees 3. beat the bureaucrat !

  • How do you make a document look like it was scanned?

    PDF to Scanned PDF in PDFdoctor.com is built to serve this use case. You simply need to upload your document and we will do the magic of converting the document in such a way that it will look like a scanned document. Our sophisticated algorithms emulate the behavior of scanner using software and does the trick.

  • What is the core purpose behind converting document to scanned documents?

    Our purpose is simple: we want to save your extra effort of printing and scanning the document when you can do almost every document operation online. This way we also make our small contribution towards betterment of environment by saving trees (by helping you not take unnecessary paper printouts).