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Convert your PPT to PDF in a snap

Just drag and drop your PPT above and sit tight while we work on it. Don’t worry, formatting and layout of all slides will be preserved during the process. You can also sync your PPT file directly from Dropbox or Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, we will take care of the rest.

Your PPT file is safe and secure

We use the most secure encryption method to transfer your PPT file to our servers which is automatically deleted after the conversion. If you wish to know more, check our privacy policy.

PPT to PDF conversion across devices, OS

PDFdoctor works across platforms and devices to ensure your convenience. Be it Android, Windows or iOS, we fit with everything on every laptop, tablet or smartphone and convert PPT files to PDF in few moments.

PPT file conversion made simple

Just upload the PPT file directly from Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or your device and relax for a bit while it gets converted to PDF. That's it. No complication at all. The quality remains intact and you get the best conversion experience.

We support all types of PPT files

We support conversion of highly formatted PPT files to PDF. While we have tested our tool for all types of PPT files, there might be instances when the formatting gets slightly distorted due to difficult formatting. Do write to us at care@pdfdoctor.com for reporting such instances.

Zero installation, 100% conversion

Since PPT to PDF conversion is done by our secure servers on the cloud, you need not install any software for converting your PPT file to PDF. PDFdoctor.com is 100% online tool which requires no installation at all.


How to convert PPT to PDF online:

  • PDFdoctor.com converts PPT to PDF in moments while preserving the formatting and quality of the file. However, in rare instances, there are chances that the layout gets distorted. We request you to raise a red flag with us by shooting a mail at care@pdfdoctor.com. We would try out best to rectify the errors.

  • Upload your PPT file from your device. You can also sync your file from your Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Dropbox.

  • Once uploaded, wait for few moments.

  • Your file is ready for download. Hooray

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this tool support both Android and iOS for PPT to PDF conversion ?

    Yes, PDFdoctor works on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows and all other OS currently in use. You just need to upload your PPT file or you can sync it from your Google Drive or Dropbox account. Wait for a bit and save your converted file from the download page. You can also convert your presentation to PDF made on Google Drive.

  • Which operating systems are supported by PDFdoctor on PC and laptop for converting from PPT to PDF ?

    PDFdoctor works on all platforms- Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Ubuntu and whatever else you can think about. PDFdoctor does not requires any installation or download for converting your PPT file to PDF. Hence, we are compatible with everyone and everything.

  • Is formatting, layout, hyperlinks etc.. are maintained while converting PPT to PDF ?

    Yes, PDFdoctor understands technicalities of PDF very well. Our conversion engine is meticulously designed to ensure file's layouting, formatting and hyperlinking remains intact even after the conversion process. Don't worry, with PDFdoctor, you are with the best.

  • Can I convert PPT to PDF on iPAD and other tablets ?

    Yes, PDFdoctor works on iPAD, Microsoft Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and all other types of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop. You are not required to download or install any kind of software or app to use PDFdoctor convertor for converting PPT file to PDF. You are just required to upload your file and wait while our conversion engine works on the process.

  • Which versions of Microsoft PPT is supported by this tool ?

    PDFdoctor supports all versions of Microsoft PPT launched with Microsoft Office 97, MS Office 2000, MS Office XP, MS Office 2003, MS Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2013, MS Office 2016 and MS Office 2019 as well. PDFdoctor.com converts PPT to PDF in just a click. The formatting, content and quality remains intact.

  • is it safe to convert my personal PPT files to PDF using this tool ?

    At PDFdoctor.com, we use highly encrypted method to transfer your PPT files to our servers to convert it to PDF. Here your file is automatically deleted after the conversion process.

  • How much time is required for converting a file from PPT to PDF ?

    PDFdoctor takes only few moments to convert your file from PPT to PDF. Sync or drag and drop your file above and before you know it, your file will be ready for download in PDF format.