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Convert PPT templates to PDF in moments

Drop your PPTM files above and don't worry about the formatting and layout of slides. You can also sync your PPTM file directly from Dropbox or Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, we will take care of the rest.

Your data is safe

We use the most secure encryption method to transfer your PPT templatized file to our servers which is automatically deleted after the conversion. If you wish to know more, check our privacy policy.

Platform neutral tool

Our tool works across platforms and devices to ensure your convenience. Be it Android, Windows or iOS, we fit with everything on every laptop, tablet or smartphone and convert PPTM files to PDF in few moments.

Simple yet fast

Just upload the PPT template in PPTM format directly from Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or your device and download it in moments. You can simply share the download link or email it.

Distortion-free conversion

We support the conversion of designer PPT templates to PDF without compromising on quality or layout. All macros placed in the PPT template file will be visible, in the same colour and format when converted to PDF."

Cloud-based conversion

Since PPTM files are converted to PDF by our online tool, you aren't required to install or download any software or app to proceed with the conversion. Our tool can convert your PDF without registration or email verification.


How to convert PPTM to PDF online:

  • PPTM files are ideally PowerPoint presentations with template designs used for creating slides and animations in set format. Mostly used by corporates and universities to provide uniformity, these files can be accessed only on the latest versions of MS Powerpoint. Converting it to PDF is a good idea if you want to share the PPT for viewing purpose only. Here is how to convert your PPTM files to PDF-

  • Upload your file above or sync it from your cloud accounts

  • Click 'Convert to PDF' to start the conversion process.

  • Congrats! Your file is ready for download now

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