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Convert PPTX files to PDF in one click

Simply upload your file from your device or your online storage accounts- Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or Dropbox and wait for few seconds to save your converted file directly to your device or your accounts.

We respect your privacy

PDFdoctor.com understands that your privacy is important. Hence, we automatically delete your files after converting your PPTX files to PDF. If you wish to know more, go through our Privacy Policy.

Easy to use on all platforms

We convert your PPTX files to PDF on all devices and on all platforms. Be it Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS or anything which is yet to be launched, PDFdoctor.com is prepared for future.

File conversion made effortless

Our tool is easy to use which makes file conversion easier. PDFdoctor.com converts PPTX files to PDF in one simple click without losing quality or formatting.

Almost perfect formatting

Try our tool to know how an online converter can intelligently convert PPTX file to PDF, slide-by-slide, replicating format, data, and add-ons as it is. PDFdoctor.com is easy, quick and retains quality and orientation of your slides like nobody else.

Zero downloads required

PPTX to PDF conversion does not require any download or installation of software. Our tool is cloud server based and works online.


How to convert PPTX to PDF online:

  • With our online tool, you can convert PPTX to PDF in seconds while preserving the formatting and quality of the file. Since PPTX is a safer version of presentations, converting it to PDF is even simpler. Here is a step by step process of converting PPTX to PDF-

  • Upload your PPTX file from your device. You can also sync your file from your Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Dropbox.

  • Once uploaded, wait for few moments.

  • Your file is ready for download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time does this take to save a PPTX file to PDF?

    PDFdoctor.com takes only few moments to convert your PPTX file into PDF. We convert PPTX file to PDF in just few seconds.