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Rotate your PDF quickly online

Select your file from your device 💻 or from your online ☁ cloud storage account such as Google Drive 📂, Microsoft OneDrive 📂 or Dropbox 📮. Choose the pages you want to rotate and click download 📥. Congrats! Your PDF file is ready for download 📥.

Safe and secure, always uses the most secure encryption 🔐 method to transfer your PDF to the servers 😀 where your file is deleted 🗑after processing it and rotating pages 🤹. You can check our privacy policy to know more about this process.

Universally accessible

PDFdoctor works across platforms and devices 😀 and allows user to rotate PDF 🤹 pages in one click 🖱- be it Android, Windows or iOS. works on every laptop 💻, tablet 📲 and smartphone📱.

Rotating PDF page is now simple

Upload the PDF directly from Dropbox 📮, Microsoft OneDrive 📂 or Google Drive 📂 or your device 💻 and wait for moments. Congrats! Your PDF file pages are now permanently rotated 🤹. That's it. No complication at all 😇.

Rotate PDF pages without losing quality

We rotate 🤹 one or multiple PDF file pages without losing quality or content 👍. Our capable processing engine is quick 🚀, easy 😊 and almost perfect 🦸‍♂️.

No downloads, no installation- easy rotation

PDF rotation 🤹 is done by our secure servers 🧮 on the cloud 🌩, you need not install or download 📥 any software 💽 for this process.


How to rotate pages of your PDF online:

  • can rotate 🤹 multiple pages permanently all at once and you can save 💾 it for your future use. While there is no limitation to the number of PDF pages you can rotate 🤹 in one go and we have tested our tool for maximum number of pages that can be rotated 🤹 in single PDF file, if you find any difficulty while processing your PDF file, you can reach us directly at Here is how to rotate pdf file-

  • Upload your PDF file from your device or sync it from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox account

  • Select the pages you want to rotate and choose the alignment.

  • Save the processed file from the download page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 💡 Can I rotate my PDF file clockwise or anti-clockwise?

    Yes, rotates your PDF file pages in any direction you want. You just need to upload your document where you can can choose to move it to left or right. You can save your requirements and download once the process is done.

  • 🔥 Can I rotate my PDF file without losing quality?

    Yes, ensures that the layoutting and quality of the PDF file is preserved during the rotation process. We have designed this rotation engine meticulously and we understand how important is quality when it comes to PDF resolution.

  • ✨ Can I rotate only specific pages of the PDF without changing others?

    Yes, you can rotate the PDF pages selectively. Upload the document at where your PDF file will be split into pages so that you can select the alignment as per your requirement. Once decided, click the download button and save the processed PDF.

  • 👉 Can I rotate my PDF file pages permanently?

    Yes, you can rotate your PDF file permanently with You can choose the alignment of the pages after uploading the PDF file and download the changed PDF with required settings.

  • 👍 Can I rotate my PDF file only till certain degree? supports 360 degree rotation clock-wise and anti-clockwise in mutliples of 90 degree. That means, at once you can rotate your PDF page to 90 degrees left or right.