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✂ Extract PDF pages from your file with our easy online tool. Do the one-click 🖱 upload from your device 💻 or use your online 🌩 cloud storage account for syncing your file📔. Select the pages to be extracted and wait for a moment. Yippee! Your file 📔 is ready for download 📥.

Ensuring your data safety

PDFdoctor.com uses the most secure encryption 🔒 method to transfer your file 📔 to 🌩 clouds servers where your file is automatically deleted after the extraction process. If you wish to know more, read our privacy policy.

Extraction on all devices, OS

PDFdoctor is 100% online tool and it works across platforms and devices 💻 to ensure your convenience. 👉 Our tool fits with everything and works on every laptop 💻, tablet 📲 and smartphone 📱.

Extracting PDF pages made simple

Drag and drop the file directly from Microsoft OneDrive 📂, Dropbox 📮 or Google Drive 📂 or your device 💻 and wait while we edit your PDF and extract the requested pages. 👌 The quality remains intact and you get the best experience 👍.

Split PDF pages without losing quality

We extract and split ✂ one or multiple pages from your PDF files without losing formatting or quality 👌. Sit tight while our processing engine 🚂splits ✂ your PDF file.

Easy extraction without installation

The PDF page extraction ✂ is done by our secure servers 🧮 on the cloud 🌩 . Therefore, you need not install any software 💽 for this process or download any app to run the tool.


How to extract pages from your PDF

  • With PDFdoctor.com, ✂ splitting PDF is convenient and only takes few moments. You can ✂ split each PDF page into individual files or you can extract specific pages by selecting it manually or entering selected range of pages. Since we strive to achieve excellence in whatever we do, we have tested our ✂ splitting tool for infinite number of pages. However, if you face any technical difficulties while splitting or extracting your PDF pages, please feel free to write us at care@pdfdoctor.com and we will try our best to rectify it as soon as possible. Here is the process of splitting your PDF pages-

  • Upload your PDF file from your device or Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox.

  • Select the pages you want to extract from the PDF file. You can also enter the range manually in the box provided.

  • Congrats! Your PDF files are ready for download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 💡 Can I save one page of a PDF?

    Yes, you can save one or multiple pages from a PDF at PDFdoctor.com. You can split or extract pages easily by selecting the required pages from the uploaded PDF file and download it seperately all at once.

  • 🔥 How to extract pages from a pdf?

    Visit PDFdoctor.com and upload your PDF file from which you want to extract the pages. Select the pages you want to download and save the chosen pages. You can also split the PDF into two and maintain the quality and content of the original PDF file.