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Remove PDF password online

Unlock your PDF quickly by uploading your password protected file above. Enter the password and wait for a moment. Voila! Your PDF is unlocked. Remember, files with strong encryption will be unlocked only if the user has the password.

Securing your unsecured data

PDFdoctor.com ensures that your file is transferred to our servers safely and delete it after removing the password. If you wish to know more, check our privacy policy.

Works on all devices, OS

Our tool works across platforms and devices to ensure your convenience- be it Android, Windows or iOS. PDFdoctor.com works on everything, on every laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Removing PDF password made simple

Sync your directly from Dropbox or Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive or your device and wait for few moments while your PDF is unlocks. That's it. No complication at all. The quality remains intact and you get the best experience.

Remove PDF password without losing quality

We remove password from all type of PDF files without losing on quality or content. You just need to upload your file and let our processing engine do the rest.

Unlock PDFs in one go

Since PDF unlocking is done by our secure servers on the cloud, you need not install any software for this process.


How to remove password from your PDF file

  • PDFdoctor.com can unlock your password protected PDF file if no strong encryption exists. However, if the file is highly encrypted, you would need to provide correct password to unlock it. Removing restrictions from PDF with PDFdoctor.com require only few moments. If you face any issue while decrypting your PDF, you can write to us at care@pdfdoctor.com and we will get back to you as earliest as possible. Here is how to unlock PDF file-

  • Drag your PDF file from your device or sync it from Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or Dropbox.

  • Enter the password for unlocking your file.

  • Voila! Your PDF file is unlocked and ready for download.

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Forgot PDF Password? Unlock it with PDFdoctor!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I edit a locked PDF file?

    Yes, you can edit a locked PDF file provided you have its password for its unlocking. PDFdoctor.com unlocks password protected PDF in moments and then you are free to edit as per your requirements.

  • How to unlock pdf file?

    Visit PDFdoctor.com and choose 'Unlock PDF' option. Upload your PDF file and enter the password to unlock the PDF file. Confirm the password again and press download. Your PDF file is unlocked permanently and is ready to use.

  • how to unlock pdf without password?

    Sorry, PDFdoctor.com won't unlock your PDF file if you don't have the password. Since there will be no way of verifying your right to access, it will be unethical to remove password security without any verification.

  • Can I unlock protected PDF on Android mobile phone or Iphone ?

    Yes, PDFdoctor.com is an online processing engine and works on Android mobile phones, Iphones and Windows devices as well. You can unlock your document by visiting PDFdoctor.com on your web browser and download it after entering your password.

  • Does this tool support Windows for unlocking password protected PDF?

    Yes, PDFdoctor.com works on Windows 2013, Windows 2016 and Windows 2019 as well. Apart from this, PDFdoctor.com supports macOS and Linux too.

  • What are different types of passwords in PDF ?

    PDF specification supports 2 types of password, owner password and user password. User password is required to open a PDF file. Owner of PDF file can set an Owner password to prevent anyone from performing specific operations on PDF such as editing / printing / commenting, without having owner password.

  • When should I set owner password to a PDF ?

    If for a given PDF file, you are fine with other people being able to see contents of the PDF, but want to restrict them from printing / editing / copying / commenting / signing/ filling form fields of the PDF, you can set an owner password to PDF. Only users with the owner password can perform above mentioned operations on PDF.

  • When should I set user password to a PDF ?

    If you do not want anyone to see contents of a PDF file, you can set user password to a PDF. Anyone without the user password will not be able to open and see contents of your PDF file without the user password.

  • How to remove User Password and Owner Password for PDF File?

    You can use PDFdoctor's pdf password remover to remove both user and owner password from PDF file.

  • How can I unlock pdf for editing ?

    If the PDF file is protected using owner password and editing is restricted by owner, you will have to unlock it using the owner password to edit the file. In this case, unlocking the PDF using user password will not allow you to edit the PDF. Luckily, PDFdoctor supports removal of both user and owner password from PDF.

  • How can I unlock secured pdf to print ?

    If the PDF file is protected using owner password and printing is restricted by owner, you will have to unlock it using the owner password to enable printing of the file. In this case, unlocking the PDF using user password will not allow you to print the PDF. Fortunately, PDFdoctor supports removal of both user and owner password from PDF.

  • Which algorithm is used by PDF for encrypting data in Password protected PDF ?

    PDF 1.7 uses AES-256 for encryption for protecing data in password protected PDF.

  • How can I unlock my Aadhar card PDF?

    Password of Aadhar card PDF is 8 characters long and first 4 characters are the first four letters of your name in CAPITAL letters and last 4 characters are Year of birth in (YYYY) format. Example, if your name is Rahul Kumar, and you were born in 1986, password of your Aadhar PDF would be RAHU1986. You can unlock your Aadhar card using PDFdoctor's pdf password unlocker, by uploading the Aadhar PDF, using above password to unlock, and download the unlocked PDF.

  • How do I remove a password from my payslip?

    You can remove password from your payslip by using a highly secure pdf password remover website such as PDFdoctor. On PDFdoctor you first have to upload your PDF file, then enter the password to unlock it, and download the unlocked PDF. Its that simple !

  • How do I remove my bank statement password?

    Using PDFdoctor's pdf password remover you can remove password from your bank statement in following steps
    1. Upload your PDF
    2. Enter the password and press Unlock PDF
    3. Download the unlocked PDF

  • How can I open a password protected email attachment?

    You can download the PDF attachment from email, and use PDFdoctor's pdf password remover to remove password permanently and open the attachment.