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Drop your file in XLS format above. PDFdoctor can sync your files directly from not just your device but also from your cloud storage accounts such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox and can convert it into PDF format in few moments.

Your XLS file is safe with us

Once you upload your XLS file above, it will be transferred to our servers for the conversion process. Your XLS file is automatically deleted once you save the PDF file. Feel free to read our privacy policy in case you wish to know more.

Converting XLS to PDF on all devices

Be it Android, Windows, Linux, macOS or iOS, our tool is 100% online and convert XLS file to PDF on all laptops, mobile phones, desktops and tablets.

XLS to PDF conversion is easy and quick

Converting XLS file to PDF on PDFdoctor.com is a one-step process which is quick as well as easy. Drag and drop your file above and wait for few seconds before your PDF file is ready for download. That’s it.

Processing all types of XLS files

You can easily convert your single or multi-sheet XLS file to PDF in seconds. Your converted PDF will have data in exactly same format as your original XLS sheet. That’s what makes us special.

We do it on clouds

Your XLS file is converted to PDF on our cloud servers which does not require any downloads or installation of software. We are 100% online tool and will continue to make your life easier.


How to convert excel to PDF online:

  • XLS files are mostly used for computing complicated data which makes it heavy. Converting XLS files to PDF is an easy way to make file sharable and readable without giving rights to edit it. At PDFdoctor.com, we make sure your file is converted from XLS to PDF in its original format. Still, if you face any difficulty while converting your XLS file to PDF or related to its layout, drop us a mail at care@pdfdoctor.com. We would love to hear your feedback and make amendments. Here’s how to convert your file from XLS to PDF-

  • Drop your file above from your device or sync it from your Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft One Drive account.

  • Once uploaded, the file conversion will start.

  • Save your file by clicking ‘Download’. Your PDF file is ready.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this tool preserve hyperlinks while converting XLS files to PDF ?

    PDFdoctor.com maintains the quality, formatting, layoutting and hyperlinks while converting your xls files to PDF. Your XLS file is converted to PDF without losing on any elements, content or any links.

  • For excel to PDF conversion, which laptop and PC devices are supported ?

    PDFdoctor.com supports Windows, Mac and Linux laptops and PC devices for converting XLS file to PDF. Since our conversion engine converts XLS file to pdf on cloud server, we are compatible with all laptops and PC.

  • For XLS to PDF conversion, which operating systems are supported?

    PDFdoctor.com supports all versions of MS Windows, macOS and Ubuntu and Mint. PDFdoctor is an online PDF file convertor which converts excel file of XLS format to PDF for free.

  • Does this support both Android and iOS mobile platforms?

    Yes, PDFdoctor.com supports both Android and iOS mobile operating system and convert XLS to PDF while maintaining the quality, content and formatting of the original format. Mobile users can visit PDFdoctor.com on their web browser and start the conversion process right away.

  • is it fully online or, does this require any software to be downloaded ?

    PDFdoctor.com can convert your XLS file without any software downloads or login. Since XLS file to PDF conversion is done on our secure clouds, you don't have to install any app or software for the process.

  • How much time does this take to save XLS to PDF?

    PDFdoctor.com takes only few moments to convert your XLS file into PDF. We convert XLS file to PDF in just fraction of time as compared to other PDF convertors that you might have heard so far.

  • Can I convert XLS to PDF in hindi ?

    Yes, PDFdoctor.com helps you to convert XLS files in hindi to PDF in one simple click. The content, quality, formatting and layouting of the document will be preserved during the conversion process.